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Topic related to intelligence collection - Research Paper Example

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However, along with the improvement in the quality of life and the comforts that technology offers, they also have to deal with several challenges. One of the most…
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Research topic related to intelligence collection
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Extract of sample "Topic related to intelligence collection"

Download file to see previous pages Proper intelligence is an inevitable component of the defense system of all governments in the world to evaluate the threat by external as well as internal elements and to protect their countries from exposure to attacks by terrorists. In this context, the development of technology is a crucial factor for enabling nations to monitor and exercise surveillance over the activities of various organizations that sponsor and promote terrorism and other subversive activities. Intelligence collection is a process of “collection, processing, integration, evaluation, analysis and interpretation of available information concerning foreign nations, hostile or potentially hostile forces or elements or areas of actual or potential operations” (Forcese 2011, 181). For obtaining such intelligence and to ensure the safety of their citizens, countries deploy modern technology. The effective collection of intelligence by the US government through Unmanned Aircraft System has enabled the country to attain a high level of operational success in the global war on terror.
Human history, right from its initial stage has evidenced the use of human intelligence for the purpose of obtaining the movements of their enemies for preparing for offensive tactics in wars. Similarly, in order to fight terrorism, countries also need to collect intelligence on various terrorist organizations and evaluate their strategies for offensives to properly counter the problem of terrorism. In his message to war fighters, Joseph Reynes Jr., Major General USAF, states that proper surveillance can facilitate the “prediction of an adversary’s behavior and the formulation and execution of preemptive activities to deter or forestall” offensive attempts by such adversaries (Commander’s Handbook for Persistent Surveillance 2011). This handbook has been developed with an intention to provide an overview of the present systems of surveillance as well as discusses future needs for ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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