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ZIMMER - Case Study Example

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The aspect of innovation in making life of orthopedics much better as illustrated was only achieved through innovations by Company’s such as Zimmer. Before technological innovation was embraced in the field of orthopedics, life was more difficult for such patients, with…
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Extract of sample "ZIMMER"

Download file to see previous pages patients in making amputation unnecessary and replacement of joints possible, but was a relief to health insurers such as Medicaid and health practitioners; they were able to handle such cases with much ease, at lower costs and resulted to much less suffering in the patient. It was in the 90s that the leading companies in orthopedics realigned in a competitive market, which led to massive mergers and acquisitions of other device makers that a new trend in orthopedics was designed. Companies in this period vehemently searched for smaller companies to acquire to improve their product lines, improve innovations through technologies, increase market penetration, and reduce complexity of managing rapidly growing companies, especially in spinning off major business lines by large pharmaceutical companies to reduce the size of their enterprises (Bickel, 3).
As explained earlier, it was innovativeness through research and development that many companies such as Zimmer managed to venture rapidly in the market, while strategically making acquisitions to strengthen their footing in the global market. For example, through such innovativeness Zimmer became the pioneer of initiating a bloodless and less painful surgery operation, resulting in reduced trauma in a patient’s body tissues; such innovations opened another new page in orthopedics, a window that introduced the company to stiff competition. The strength of the company was concentrating more on research and development, to come up with new products increased its competitiveness. In addition to innovations, marketing activities were critical in defining a company’s presence in any particular market. However, in this marketing approach there were unfair trends in selling of orthopedic products to hospitals. Instead of manufacturers dealing directly with major hospitals, distributors were largely used to acquire such products. The problem was that surgeons and other medics could take advantage of such distribution ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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ZIMMER Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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