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HU300-27: Art and Humanities: Twentieth Century and Beyond-Music - Research Paper Example

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Truly, living the life we have is like dancing to every rhythm and beat of music. We sing and dance our hearts out when we experience utmost happiness and triumph, we take slow steps and mellow tunes when we are in…
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HU300-27: Art and Humanities: Twentieth Century and Beyond-Music
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Extract of sample "HU300-27: Art and Humanities: Twentieth Century and Beyond-Music"

Download file to see previous pages As I see it, life and music are connected in a way that they have the same elements. In music, “silence is the unpublicized element that music possible in the same way that the empty space around a sculpture makes the sculpture possible, or the judicious use of wall space can make or break an art exhibit” (Janaro and Altshuler, 2012). Similarly in life, the uncertainty and hardships are the abstract that shape us up as individuals depending on how we deal with them. Dealing with them is the “tone” we put as it is “a sound produced by the human voice or by musical instrument that maintains the same frequency of vibration"(Janaro and Altshuler, 2012). To continue, what we focus on is like the element ‘”rhythm” that is defined as an alternation to the stress and unstress. Whether we are pessimist or optimist, it is the rhythm that we put in our life. Finally, we create the “melody” or our own legacy which other people will remember in us the way we remember a part of a song or a symphonic movement exactly how “melody” in music is defined.
The soundtrack of my childhood years can be best described by the songs of Walt Disney classical films. It was the time when as a kid, I still believed in fantasy and magic. It brought me into the world of vivid imagination where there used to be fairies, mermaids, prince, princesses and even animals that could act and talk like humans. I miss the innocent outlook I had about life and the world we live in whenever I hear the song “A Whole New World” that used to be my favorite when I was young and just as innocent as the song. I had that “shining shimmering, splendid” view of the world and thought that I could just wish whatever I wanted in life from a genie. I did not have any favorite artist during this time though as I did not pay much attention to singers. I only used to enjoy the music that I liked.
Adolescent stage was the beginning of what I ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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