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Considering the Consequences and the Importance of Character - Research Paper Example

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Criminal justice defines the process of handling criminal suspects and the holding of the accused in jails in a manner that “does not violate their human rights as human beings” (Banks, 2011). In as much as the accused went against the morals of society, they need handling…
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Considering the Consequences and the Importance of Character
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Extract of sample "Considering the Consequences and the Importance of Character"

Download file to see previous pages The right of seeing an attorney tops the list since the connection between law and justice abound (Banks, 2011). The consequences of missing out on this basic right, or its violation, leads to missing out on the basic process of arrest. This violation of basic rights, in most cases, lead to release of criminals as a consequence of skipping basic steps in making arrests leading to severe injustices to the affected.
In the case of neglecting the reading of Miranda rights to the arrested persons, society queries the ability of the police force to protect society. The skipping of this basic ritual puts pressure on the police force since their capacity comes under scrutiny. As an alternative channel, citizen review presents a better option for society to tackle the situation (Banks, 2011).
Citizen review processes promote accountability in the police force. They enhance the basic entry level requirements into the force, thereby affecting the recruitment process. Through engagements, the citizens give feedback to the police force. As such, they affect the training procedures by giving out information required to modify training procedures (Gross, 2007). As such, the citizenry take responsibility in ensuring that they get the qualified police force they deserve.
The engagement of citizens in review meetings promotes the raising of awareness of the force on the needs of the society (Gross, 2007). Further, the proactive processes involved in the identification of issues arising from the community, as far as criminal activities get concerned, prepares the police force to prepare adequately in the task of tackling arising issues.
In the event of issues arising on the ability of officers to carry out their duties in proper fashion, citizen reviews need to participate in making necessary rectifications. In these instances, both the affected and innocent, officers develop caution in carrying out their prescribed duties. This limits the carrying ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Considering the Consequences and the Importance of Character Research Paper.
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