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IMC & Customer Satisfaction...and that i also should be the running head for the apa - Essay Example

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Advertising is a means of mass communication wherein the consumers are persuaded to avail any product or service offered by an organization that can effectively result in increasing the satisfaction of the customers (Green, 2011, p. 12). Advertising strategy is an integral and…
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IMC & Customer Satisfaction...and that i also should be the running head for the apa
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Extract of sample "IMC & Customer Satisfaction...and that i also should be the running head for the apa"

Download file to see previous pages nce, the company would try to offer its products and services to its customers in a cost effective way, hence the advertising strategy should be such which does not lead to incurring high cost for the company and at the same time communicates to its potential target customers in an effective manner. The best way to advertise the products and services offered by Inter-Global Medicare would be the use of digital media. Digital advertising tools such as through its websites, social networking websites, search engines, e-mails, etc. could be effectively used by the company to advertise its products. This can help achieve the overall marketing goals of the organization by reducing the costs incurred on advertising and thereby adding to the profits of the company. Through by effectively utilizing digital media the company would be able to communicate with greater number of people while incurring less cost, and could thus help in boosting the sales and profitability of the company.
The job of advertising the products and services of Inter-Global Medicare is not complete until and unless a measuring tool is designed which can evaluate the effectiveness of the advertising strategies employed by the organization (Wells, 1997, p. 4). Now since it is suggested that the company would use digital advertising strategies, it would be ideal for the organization to design an internet based tool that would have a response corner on all the websites where the company products and services are advertised. Whenever a consumer visits the websites and clicks on the advertisement, he would be required to give feedbacks and fill in his contact details. Analysis tools are available which can be used by the company to measure the number of customers who have actually visited its advertisements and what are their viewpoints or queries regarding the products and services offered by the company. In this way it can prove to be an effective tool for measuring the effectiveness of the advertising ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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IMC & Customer Satisfaction...And That I Also Should Be the Running Essay.
“IMC & Customer Satisfaction...And That I Also Should Be the Running Essay”, n.d.
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