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Stepping out - Essay Example

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Lesbians should not be discriminated against in society due to their perceived queer sexual orientation; this is against their essential rights to freedom of choice with regards to choosing sexual partners (“Should gay marriage be legal?”). Lesbianism has been regarded…
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Stepping out
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Extract of sample "Stepping out"

Lesbians should not be discriminated against in society due to their perceived queer sexual orientation; this is against their essential rights to freedom of choice with regards to choosing sexual partners (“Should gay marriage be legal?”). Lesbianism has been regarded as the female equivalent of homosexuality in males; however, lesbianism has not received half as much condemnation as homosexuality. Females whose sexual orientation is towards other females, as opposed to the norm have always eluded public scorn due to their manner of subtlety in expressing their desires. It should not be surprising then that quite a majority of females have once had these desires without the public knowledge, which makes them either lesbians or bisexuals. Recent studies have also indicated that the contemporary society is getting more comfortable with the concept of lesbianism and homosexuality, (Schroeder 5-6) as opposed to several years ago.
Lesbians have a right to pursue their feeling just as anybody else, and their sexual orientation is purely informed by the fact that females are emotional beings. Many lesbians have developed their sexual orientations because of both physical and mental reasons (Walker et al 391). Traditionally, women have felt a need to have much more satisfying relationships that are based on trust, love and understanding. However, this has not been gotten in heterosexual relationships as many women consider them unsatisfactory; females understand each other’s needs more than men do. Because of this disconnect, females tend to turn to fellow females for emotional and sexual gratification.
Given that sexual orientation is discovered rather than decided at birth, it must be understood if a female’s sexual orientation is towards fellow females than towards males as is the norm, accepting one’s sexuality is more helpful than denial as it may lead to multiple psychological problems. For instance, the stigmatization of lesbianism may cause psychological trauma to lesbians, which has far reached repercussions in their later lives (Hilton and Szymanski 292-293). In this regard, lesbians must be given the love and support of family, friends and society without discrimination; moreover, it should also be acknowledged that lesbianism does not destabilize the norm of heterosexual relationships in any way as opposed to the fears of those who reject it. Lesbianism in any case should be looked at as an alternative form of relationship to females, rather than being ostracized in society. Lesbians have the same respect for heterosexual relationships, and just like other females who are in heterosexual relationships, lesbians seek companionship and commitment to love.
However, even though lesbianism has widely been accepted in contemporary societies, it is still a concern to many that a group of females should go against the biological norm by developing queer sexual preferences. Many studies have been dedicated to the subject of lesbianism in attempts to explain its origins and causes in females, but none of these studies has successively linked lesbianism to genetic reasons. Lesbians have emerged in defiance of abuse of females in male dominated societies (Walker et al 391); this is in an attempt to reverse the traditional order where the males are regarded as strong and women weak. In this regard, therefore, it should be noted that females who are lesbians are opposed to their feminine gender roles and are appalled with roles that are more masculine; this is something that could destabilize the social order. The male character being on the losing end may end up being mutilated emotionally and psychologically due to the far-reaching implications of lesbianism.
Eventually, lesbians should be allowed to express their feelings and desires freely without discrimination for who they truly are different from the rest of other females. It is not justifiable to discriminate against lesbians for they do not choose to be different, as many people of the contrary augment believe; they become because of multiple factors beyond their control such as abusive backgrounds (Walker et al 391).
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