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Persuasive speech: text and speech - Essay Example

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One of the reasons for anticipating maturity among members of this society is the fact that they are focused on academic objectives and are expected to be more rational to morality…
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Persuasive speech: text and speech
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Extract of sample "Persuasive speech: text and speech"

Persuasive speech: Virginia Commonwealth set ups majorly comprise of intellects and are expected to exhibit civilized behavior.One of the reasons for anticipating maturity among members of this society is the fact that they are focused on academic objectives and are expected to be more rational to morality and the law. Based on these assumptions, rates of criminal activities should be lower, or optimally minimal, in university set-ups as compared to the general society whose population consist of uneducated, irrational, and idle minds that foster crimes. Developed perception however identifies a contradicting opinion as crime rates in university environments are perceived to be on the rise and are becoming more complex. My speech explores the security situation in Virginia Commonwealth University, factors behind the trend and proposes a solution improvements.
The institution’s environment is perceived to be more vulnerable to criminal activities with higher reported cases of major crimes. This has occurred in the presence of the university’s security system that, by ordinary standards, is competent, a factor that identifies criminals’ new approaches that understands the security system’s weaknesses towards criminal opportunities. Major crimes have therefore been successfully executed at locations such as libraries and offices that were previously considered safe. Criminals also commonly target busy points such as corridors and linking streets in the institution (Forest 44).
The developed perception among members of the university, based on the increasing reported cases of violent crimes and alert information, is that of higher level of insecurity in the institution. I would also rationally admit to the perception because more efficient security systems would identify possible crimes before their execution and prevent them. The university’s police however argue that the perceived higher level of insecurity is not real. I agree with his opinion and implore the university’s community to be more explorative of the actual data about trend in crime rates within the university. A keen observation, according to the university’s internal publications indicates that crime rates within the institution have actually reduced, and I concur with the statement by university’s police chief that his forces have been working harder than before to ensure security. The university’s police also blame unprofessional communication as the main reason for the perceived higher insecurity levels and I agree with this position and invite us to explore the negative impacts of the media, especially when unprofessionally used. I also agree with the statistics that in spite of the more violent reported cases, crime rates are lower in the university (Bass 1).
The problem facing the university’s security is therefore a more advanced approach by criminals and a level of animosity, among members of the institution, which is a creation of the media. The trend in crime also involves a level of expertise, which I believe is a result of the security’s successful efforts to curb crimes. The transition from previously reported minor crimes to major crimes, though at lower rates, indicates a developed tradition of lawlessness that involves insiders, and students’ rebellion against the university’s administration is a factor. A more inclusive approach is therefore necessary to continue suppressing the reported crimes and to reduce animosity in the university (Bartol and Carl 56).
I am therefore persuaded that the university’s security system is doing its best to control crime but faces increasingly complex criminal minds, some of whom are members of the institution, and a biased media. A more comprehensive approach should therefore be adopted to include more stakeholders. This, I believe, will socially reduce crimes and help in identification of vulnerabilities towards crime prevention by the security.
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