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Once more to the lake - Essay Example

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The object of analysis for the purpose of this assignment is “Once more to the lake”. It is a fascinating short story written by E.B. White. The story is special because some human beings think that they are immortal, being close to nature also reminds us that we are all mortal…
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Once more to the lake
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Extract of sample "Once more to the lake"

Once more to the lake is a fascinating short story written by E.B. White, the story sheds light upon the favorite spot of the author and how he used to visit his favorite spot when he was a child, he also remembers that he was a well guarded boy because his father took good care of him. The author vividly remembers his childhood days because he has started taking his son to the very same spot and everything in his memory about the spot is refreshed. The author talks about the various insects that are found in the lake and how his son had never seen such slimy insects, he says that he had only seen them from a distance but it was now his chance to see them closely and also see how they react to human presence.
The story is special because some human beings think that they are immortal, being close to nature also reminds us that we are all mortal. The author is also reminded of a near death experience in the closing stages of the story and he also emphasizes on the fact that we all should be as close to nature as possible because nature time and again reminds us of the fact that all human beings are mortal. Being close to nature also gives us several great memories to cherish just like the author has several sweet memories to cherish about his childhood days, he gets to relive all those memories with his little boy this is what makes this story special in more ways than one. Read More
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