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Public Administration- Program Development - Coursework Example

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The Department of Human Resource is a very important one that each and every organization should have if it intends to accomplish its set goals and mission, as it deals with the employees who are directly linked with the daily operations of the organization or company. In this…
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Public Administration- Program Development
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Download file to see previous pages purpose of the introduction of the Department of Human Resources in the company is to ensure that there is workforce diversity across all departments as the purpose of the department is always to ensure that all the matters regarding the employees as a company’s assets are taken care of. In this project that the introduction of the department is proposed, it is very important to ensure that the success or the level to which the initiative is effective is examined or evaluated. In this chapter, we are going to analyze the changes that are apparent in the introduction following the introduction of the department. This is going to be done by having the trend analysis of the average level of workforce diversity within the organization.
This table shows an hypothetical trend analysis of the average level of workforce diversity for the company before and after the introduction or implementation of the department of human resources. In this hypothetical example, we find that the trend in the data shows that the workforce diversity ‘s level with the organization saw an increase from slightly to moderately during the two different periods of transition on average. However, the post data shows that the introduction of the Department of Human Resources greatly accelerated the rate of the increase to which the organization was becoming more diversity racially or ethnically.
On top of reviewing the overall workforce diversity level for the organization, trend analysis can be done for individual departments. This analysis will help in examining the level or extend to which the individual departments have succeeded in hiring more qualified minority candidates and also the level to which they have been in rise in the overall workforce diversity level within their structures. In addition, the comparative trend analysis can be done to examine the performance across the departments. This can always be done both at micro and macro levels. The departments that have been chosen ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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