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Arab culture class - Research Paper Example

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Huda Shaarawi was a nationalist activist, who is regarded by numerous Western intellectuals as an essential stature during the early twentieth century Egyptian feminism (Kader, 5). She was born in affluence, and she spent her childhood life in harem, where she went through…
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Arab culture class
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Download file to see previous pages laimed that women involved in the social service project had two significant reasons; engaging in such projects, where they would expand the horizons, gain practical knowledge and direct focus outwards. The other reason was that the projects would confront the perceptions towards women as objects of pleasure and people who need protection. The paper will focus on exploring the life of Huda Shaarawi; by identifying some of the events, she was involved, whereby leading to a significant impact to women in the society.
Shaarawi was raised in harem system that was attributed to women isolation and obscurity, whereby the families with affluence were separated from the rest of the population in order to protect their women, and function as massagers of international issues. Moreover, the term harem referred to the rooms that women stayed, where they were separated from men, though the women, either poor or rich were against the obscurity, except for the peasants in the countryside. In addition, there were cultural traditions of harem system, which was followed by the Jewish, Christians and Muslim.
Shaarawi established the Egyptian Feministic Union in 1923, it is still function in the present and they focus on various issues such as inclusion of womens suffrage and education (Shaarawi, 10). Moreover, Shaarawi worked enthusiastically against restriction of women in terms of dressing, and freedom movement that were key issues in harem system. She underwent evolution thought her life, under the influence of the inequalities that she withstood in life, education, during her marriage, and the dynamism in the world. In fact, there was the announcement of independence in Egypt, in 1922, whereby women were required to revert to their initial life in harem, when they were fighting for their freedom.
Shaarawi focused on the elevating problems faced by the poor by establishing charitable activities of those who were wealthy, in terms of the contributions to education programs. In ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Arab Culture Class Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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