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Victimless - Essay Example

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In the 1970’s, the United States Presidents’ Commission on Crime has observed the need to modernize the traditional policing strategies in order to effectively improve police practices and tactics through random patrol and investigations. As a result, a new coactive approach…
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Extract of sample "Victimless"

Download file to see previous pages The new skills required for this method includes working with local residents as partners in working out problems, making presentations to community groups, and involving other public and nonprofit organizations in community development efforts. Rohe, Adams and Arcury (1) stated that Community Oriented Policing “promises lower crime rates, reduced fear of crime, better coordination with other city and county agencies, and improved police/community relations.” As such, this method of organizational policing can also be applied for victimless crimes. Hess and Wrobleski, the authors of “Police Operations”, maintained that the role of the law should be limited particularly in dealing with victimless crimes since the category of the said crimes is a misnomer. This paper aims to identify and discuss the notion of victimless crimes and evaluate the behavior in terms of wrongfulness and the proper role for the law related to Community Oriented Policing.
The reasons behind the creation of Community Oriented Policing were the rising crime rate and the ineptitude of conservative police methods during the late 1960’s such as concerns about racial conflicts, riots, civil right demonstrations and other crimes. According to Mirsky (1), “The design of community policing is to entail a more open relationship between the police and the public which gives the police a more proactive role in the community.” This new policing approach allows the neighborhoods to strengthen its capacity in helping by sharing the accountability for crime prevention and crime trepidation with the police. Meier and Geis (42) also maintain that building the competence of social institutions is essential in order to empower citizens to engage in and guard their own communities. Hence, community justice deduces that all communities have a liability to exercise social control to its residents.
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Victimless Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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