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Critical reading - Essay Example

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Here we must begin by the tricky question, should shared credit be given to Samuel Morse’s predecessors for invention of long distance communication? The reader’s end up concluding that - Morse is the one who made the telegraph…
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Critical reading
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Extract of sample "Critical reading"

Critical Reading HSTC 1800 Assignment 5: Peer Review What was your first impression of the paper? Reading the research paper cultivate new ideas. Here we must begin by the tricky question, should shared credit be given to Samuel Morse’s predecessors for invention of long distance communication? The reader’s end up concluding that - Morse is the one who made the telegraph available to the general public, making communication- faster, easier and more convenient.
The concept of a telegraph was once established. But people never knew how accessible it could become until Morse. Things aren’t simpler as it seemed since he introduced it to the general public leading to a borderless world.
On the other hand it leads the reader to consider the knowledge that had been known to shape Morse’s telegraph. And this eventually drives them to question who should be credited for that.
It could be concluded that this paper is more analytical than argumentative, leaving the judgment to the reader. It is on a non-rational mode, analyzing two stands.
Identification and evaluation of the thesis
The paper has two thesis statements. One is that society should accept Samuel Morse’s declaration of his invention of the telegraph. And the second is shared credit should be given to his predecessors paving the road for long distance communication.
The thesis was clearly stated. Arguments to support both stands were presented but it was not balanced. The latter side was more substantiated, failing to lay down stronger arguments on why society should accept Morse’s claim.
The writer could have discussed about how Morse came up with the invention from his artistic background: how Morse had this device on his own design and how he developed this telegraph despite lacking the technical knowledge. The writer could also answer the question regarding what inspires him to do this demonstration.
Is the author presenting enough objections to his/her argument?
The writer had a good choice of information that were helpful to the development of the paper but is should improve the opposition of the two stands.
The outline was strategic and logical. The opening statements claim how important telegraph is, arousing the reader’s interest. The valuable contribution of Morse’s predecessors, especially Chappe’s was explained. It was written clearly, and because of the absence of jargons, it could be easily understood. The statement about how the telegraph changed the society is very necessary. However, the distinctness of Morse’s telegraph could be explained further.
Two strong oppositions have more potential to employ sound reasoning. In order to arrive at a good judgment, the reader must be provided with complete history.
Nevertheless, the research paper was well written.

Johnsons M. (2008). Reading the American Past: Bedford/St. Martins.
MacKenna G. (2007). The Puritan Origins of American Patriotism. Yale University Press. Read More
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