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Political environment of brazil - Essay Example

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A political system is the set of institutions, political organizations and interest groups, norms and rules that govern these groups and the general relationship among the groups. On the other hand, the system of ideas that express the goals, aims and theories of a social…
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Political environment of brazil
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Extract of sample "Political environment of brazil"

Download file to see previous pages Brazil ranks fifth in terms of land area in the world and has a population of about 200 million people. Brazil traditional political culture can be described as one of colonelismo, tradition of lack of political party and political clientilism. Under colonelism, the administrator had command in the rural areas. However, the promulgation of the seventh and the new constitution (in 1988) changed the political dimension into democratic ideology from what used to be military dictator ship. Democracy brought back individual rights, by ensuring freedom and punishing offences. Nevertheless, the constitution fell short in outlining the issues in state reforms but addressed to details the economic regulation of the country. However, reforms have been done into the constitution to better the controversial clauses.
Two democratic principles operate in Brazil. These are the institutions of liberal values and understanding the role of the state from the economic perspective. International principles, on the other hand, are governed by such principles as non intervention, self determination, human rights supremacy and national independence. The key aspect that the new constitution brought into place was the decentralization of socials services to the local governance. This brought about efficiency in service delivery and governance. Diversity was embraced in decision making as democracy was now brought into play, where the local citizens were given a stake in decision making process unlike formerly where municipalities were not decision making institutions.
The legislative branch in Brazil consists of the federal senate and the chamber of deputies. Legislative process involves the legislature and the executive. The congresses make the legislative decrees, traditional legislative procedures enact ordinary laws and the president legislate decree laws. The federal district and the government have some common legislative issues. They ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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