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Crosby Manufacturing Corporation - Essay Example

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Livingston, the president of the Crosby Manufacturing Corporation called for a meeting and wanted to change the company’s structure since the government had shown interest in the company. Previously, the company had their contracts cancelled for ignoring adherence to strict…
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Crosby Manufacturing Corporation
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Extract of sample "Crosby Manufacturing Corporation"

Download file to see previous pages This led to the appointment of another project leader, Tim, who was found capable of handling the raised issues and solving the problems (Harold Kerzner, 2009).
The selection of Tim Emary was not a wrong decision. It is evident the company had been having limitations in achieving competitiveness constraints with the prevailing management cost control system in place. The company erred in sourcing their project managers from only one department, the EDL department. To inject new ideas in solving the crises, the company needed an outsider away from the EDL department. Over emphasising in sourcing a manager from this department led to having a non performing manager, on the basis that s/he is from the trusted EDL department. This may have been the reason why the performance of the company in the past had been below standards (Harold Kerzner, 2009).
Getting Tim Emary from a different department largely brought about change as far as recruitment of the project manager was concerned. This approach offered members from other departments a chance to exercise their leadership abilities. It also increased the number of candidates yearning for the position, creating room for competitive vetting, which led to the appointment of the person with the highest qualifications and abilities. This approach contributed to improvement in competence of members in the respective departments (Landau, 1994).
Secondly, even though Tim Emary was not knowledgeable as far as computers were concerned, he had the skills and knowledge of designing schedules and accomplishing the tasks assigned. This was an essential tool needed for effective management of management-cost-control system project (Harold Kerzner, 2009). Bearing in mind that reforms were being carried out in the department to put things back in order, a talented person was needed to lay foundations and offer new insights in the department. Thus, the right ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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