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Ismg 12 - Essay Example

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This is because the IT department along with the whole firm trusted Barton and his actions, which is not an easy thing to forget (Austin, Nolan and O’Donnell 199). Barton used to come up…
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Ismg 12
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Extract of sample "Ismg 12"

ISMG 12 Question Barton can surely restore confidence in the IT department and also the rest of the firm. This is because the IT department along with the whole firm trusted Barton and his actions, which is not an easy thing to forget (Austin, Nolan and O’Donnell 199). Barton used to come up with innovations, which brought success to the whole firm, but he came up with a creation, which did not bring in the success that it was projected. However, people make mistakes, and Barton seems like the person who does not make many mistakes. Therefore, the firm will gain confidence again, in Barton, as he will, in the future, come up with better innovations.
Question 2
The Doctrine of Completed Staff Work makes perfect sense in the world of instant information access. This is because the doctrine advertises for full participation of workers in an organization. This is because an IT company needs such individuals, as well as the ideas of every member of the organization (Austin, Nolan and O’Donnell 200). An IT company needs innovation. People who work in an IT company are creative, and should be allowed to share information with everyone. This is what brings success to a company. Even though, this might make the company vulnerable, it works to the advantage of the company when the corporate culture allows workers to be open (Austin, Nolan and O’Donnell 200).
Question 3
Barton should not bypass the CEO, and tell the board regarding his news. This is because the CEO is Barton’s immediate boss, and; hence, Barton is responsible first to the CEO and then the board. The CEO also expects his workers to share any vital information with him before handing the matter to the board (Austin, Nolan and O’Donnell 202). In only some exceptional cases is where a worker can share information with the board without talking to his or her CEO. However, in Barton’s situation, it is advisable that he consults the CEO before talking to the board. This is because Barton’s CEO might feel out, which might ruin the relation of Barton and his CEO (Austin, Nolan and O’Donnell 202).
Question 4
I agree with Maggie that it is advisable to maintain talks with Williams as this will honor him as the boss of the company. This will also keep the boss prepared in case of any bad news regarding the actions being planned (Austin, Nolan and O’Donnell 203). Maggie know that Williams could be a stubborn person, and when he feels left out in matters that should involve him, then the firm will suffer from his quarrels. It is essential to keep the boss posted, and ask him/her what they think about the action. The boss will feel appreciated when he or she give advice to the workers.
Question 5
Barton’s playlist just shows how much of an innovate person he can be. He was not afraid of change as he made the best out of everything (Austin, Nolan and O’Donnell 203). Barton is the kind of person that every firm needs, a person who is not afraid of change, and who will bring the success they need. Company executives require the right person who is willing to play around with their money for the right purpose. Barton, after incorporating his new playlist, proved to be a person who could shape change to success, and bring achievement to the company.
Work Cited
Austin, Robert, Nolan, Richard and O’Donnell, Shannon. Adventures of an IT Leader. New York: Harvard Business Press, 2009. Print. Read More
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