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The director of this film bases his ideas on the negative effects of environmental degradation. He always reference melting ice, exaggerated floods, and…
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Critical Responses # (4)
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Word count: 243 Source: Ice Age: The Meltdown. Dir. Carlos Saldanha. Perf. Ray Romano. 2006. Electronic Carlos Saldanha’s film, Ice Age: The Meltdown, presents prehistoric animals hurrying to high lands in order to avoid floods. The director of this film bases his ideas on the negative effects of environmental degradation. He always reference melting ice, exaggerated floods, and running beasts to create a scene of an uneasy atmosphere. As an audience, I realized that a serious disaster was waiting as the ice began melting. There is a lot of frightening scenes as the beasts try to survive the flooded valleys. Most of these beasts were on the verge of extinction, yet the flooded valleys were determined to sweep them out of existence. For instance, Manny, a female mammoth, believed that she was the only mammoth, on earth (Saldanha 00.50.45). However, while evacuating, she meets another mammoth Ellie and her brothers (Saldanha 00. 55.21). She refers to her as a possum, instead of a mammoth. However, she joins the heroic trio for protection. This is the time I realized that teamwork is essential when solving problems. This scene felt utterly surprising since the animals used to work independently before the prehistoric age began, but this time round, they had to work together to survive the flood. This film uses the metaphor of melting ice and exaggerated flood to symbolize a frightening future, where selfishness and social inequalities will only be revealed by the adverse effects of global warming. Flooded valleys became the main threat, and teamwork became the only way to move to evacuate grounds.
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Ice Age: The Meltdown. Dir. Carlos Saldanha. Perf. Ray Romano. 2006. Electronic Read More
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Critical Responses # (4) Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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