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Some of the emerging themes include honesty, judgment, responsibility, economy, change and dynamism and media. The Frontline in this particular film is conducting a number of investigations on…
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Inside the Meltdown
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Inside the Meltdown Insert Insert Themes There are a number of themes that emerge from the story in this particular video clip. Someof the emerging themes include honesty, judgment, responsibility, economy, change and dynamism and media. The Frontline in this particular film is conducting a number of investigations on some of the factors that possibly led to the worst economic crisis for a period of seventy years. It also investigates on how the government is responding to the economic crisis situation. This particular video clip chronicles within the stories relating to Bear Stearns deal, the collapse of Lehman brothers as well as how the AIG, which is the insurance giant is propping.
In this particular clip, on the meltdown that took place in the year 2008 in the United States of America, the theme economy has dominated the whole story. In this particular melt down, a lot of emphasis are made on the financial markets and the different economists who hold a number of high ranks are trying to react to this. Nearly all the departmental heads and the economists of this time, are advocating for the need to increase the oversight on financial markets.
There is a liquidity threat and the economists are trying to analyze on how the availability of cash in the economy can lead to a solvency problem to some of the major financial institutions like banks. The whole story shows the high levels of risks that get evident as a result of funding long term liquid assets, which come along with liabilities that entails shorter durations of time. A lot of issues pertaining the levels of interest that need to get set on loans as well as the investments to get conducted arise in this meltdown.
Responsibility as a theme has got the better part of this film. This is very evident by the number of state officials in the government dockets gets reacting towards this particular meltdown. A number of employees and other departmental heads from Bear Stearns Organization are reacting to this matter and everyone is trying to get more responsible by playing his or her part. No one wants to get pointed finger at as the one responsible for this particular economic depression, therefore ensures that his/her records are clean, and has undertaken all the duties expected of him/her.
Another dominant theme in the story is media and information. In the clip, all the working places a number of televisions where the workers follow the news. Any of the latest information reaching the media gets anchored and spread to the public or citizens by use of the television media. This has made all the population to get updated with the latest emerging news, and in this case, they are news to do with matters of economic crisis, that took place in 2008, along the Wall Street.
PBS Video,. Watch Now: FRONTLINE | Inside The Meltdown | PBS Video. N.p., 2015. Web. 30 June 2015. Read More
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