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Thedacare - Case Study Example

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To do this, Toussaint borrowed from Toyota’s lean thinking model in order to provide patients with excellent services such as shorter waiting times for patients,…
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Extract of sample "Thedacare"

Download file to see previous pages The development of TIS rested on three particular points. These were the improvement of employee morale, improvement of productivity, and improvement of quality.
TIS was founded on a lean-thinking concept pioneered by Toyota, whose principles were value, value-stream, flow, pull, and perfection (Chalice, 2009). These five principles were used to identify waste and then eliminate the waste. The principle of value involved the amount, which the prospective and current customers would be willing to pay while value stream refers to the steps that Thedacare would take to deliver and achieve this value. The principle of flow involves the organization of the various value streams in a way that they could be continuous. Pull refers to the actions that Thedacare would take to trigger this flow from the various needs that the customer may have. Finally, the perfection bit references the continuous culture of change that Thedacare aims to have.
Thedacare has improved their service delivery in many different areas, including the response time for patients coming in for diagnosis and treatment, correction of the various mistakes that cost the institution, and implementation of strategies that changed the manner in which they arrived at work. Lean thinking and TIS were an important basis for the improvement of the current services currently offered at the institution. Another plus point for the approach is the division of specialists to different departments in their respective places of work, which is supported by the satisfaction of staff and patients working in the institution (Chatman, 2010).
Front line employees were engaged in the assessment of the current approaches, rapid iteration of the new processes, and the collaborative effort aimed at redesigning the process. After each event, the institution carries out assessment on process changes to quantify the savings. By holding several processes aimed at mapping of the value stream, as well as lean events, phone ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Thedacare Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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