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Explantory synthesis : worst job you ever had - Essay Example

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Many times I have been forced to be around difficult people. Sometimes I have had disagreements with family members that seemed to extend for many weeks. School has also been trying on my patience…
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Explantory synthesis : worst job you ever had
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Extract of sample "Explantory synthesis : worst job you ever had"

Explanatory Synthesis: Worst Job You Ever Had Throughout my life I recognize I have had a number of terrible experiences. Many times I have been forced to be around difficult people. Sometimes I have had disagreements with family members that seemed to extend for many weeks. School has also been trying on my patience. Still, some of the worst experiences I have ever had have been at jobs. While I have had a number of difficult jobs, undoubtedly the worst job I ever had was as a food attendant at Nathan’s foods. This was the worst job ever because of the poor management, annoying customers, and the heavy cleaning duties. Following methods established in Writing and Reading Across Curriculums this essay provides an explanatory synthesis of this job (Behrens).
One of the worst aspects of the job was the poor management. I believe one of the most important things about any job is the ability to be promoted for one’s hard work. Indeed, it’s noted that one of the most important aspects of any job is the ability to be promoted (prolog). Upon starting work at the organization I was promised that my hard work could eventually lead to a promotion or a raise. After working for a month, however, I came to recognize that the organization was more willing to hire a constant cycle of new employees than to promote any current employees. This created a depressing environment as one’s friends were constantly leaving the store and I was left with no serious motivation.
Another prominent element that made my job the worst I ever had was the annoying customers. While many of the customers brightened my day, there was a significant amount of customers that complained about random things. It seemed that a large amount of these people simply wanted to get free food, as they would complain about random small things. For instance, they would complain that the lettuce on their hamburger was too crumbled or that they received more fries than they could eat. Slowly these complaints became infuriating.
Finally, the job was terrible because of the heavy cleaning duties. While some people thrive doing such tasks, I realized this was not my strength area. The importance of finding a job that plays to one’s strengths is well-documented (Clifton, p. 10). Every day it was my responsibility to clean the bathrooms. After the bathrooms were cleaned I had to ensure that the tables and the counters remained clean throughout my shift. This wouldn’t be so bad, except many customers would leave half eaten food and I would have to get napkins to pick this food up and throw it away. Slowly these conditions began to eat at me and make me hate the job.
In conclusion, this essay has considered my worst job ever. Researchers have indicated that it’s necessary to find a job that coincides with one’s values (Corlett). In my future job searches I have worked to ensure that I found jobs that fit with me as a person. Still, the poor management, annoying customers, and wretched cleaning duties will always make me remember what it was like to work at Nathan’s.
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