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CMG401 MOD 1 SLP: Government Contracting Principles - Essay Example

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A situation where I would like to involve the government in business is through selling vehicle tyres for the military use. The fact that the government has all rights to make…
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CMG401 MOD 1 SLP: Government Contracting Principles
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Extract of sample "CMG401 MOD 1 SLP: Government Contracting Principles"

s: Details: Due CMG401 MOD SLP: Government Contracting Principles The government contracting procedures calls for simple fulfillments as required by the amended laws. A situation where I would like to involve the government in business is through selling vehicle tyres for the military use. The fact that the government has all rights to make purchases whenever there is need would legalize the sales of spare tyres, which would be used when the original tyres are in bad condition. The government will have to advertise for this opportunity through the required procedure to the whole public where my biddings will be placed in a satisfactory manner so that I may compete fairly among other bidders.
Being a small company, the government through its powers will ensure that favorable prices are set for the exercise in order to ensure fairness for all level businesses. Through this way, the government must ensure strict adherence to the relevant laws to enable survival of small scale businesses in the field. Considering the requirements of the armed service procurement regulation, the procedure must be adhered to in that all the request letters are delivered with seal and specifications made as per the recommendations (United States General accounting office 7). I would provide my bidding documents under complete seal.
The eight hour work day would require that all the processes are carried out within the working hours but not any other hour which may not be part of the recognized hours. Being timely with my processes would be the way to go. The government will be compelled to buy my products since my company is purely American dealing in American made products which is supported by the buy American act. In the process of securing purchases, minimum pay must be adhered to. The tyres must be checked for quality before purchase. This includes testing to ascertain the performance.
With the support of small business act, I would have the courage to go on with my bids regardless of the company size. The main point is the capability to deliver the required quantity and quality. I would engage through negotiations with the government on issues concerning the cost. Any inlet into the deal as a sub contractor would do in this case. Considering that my business is constitutionally compliant regarding public law, getting into formal subcontracting deal may be a priority (Oyer 54). The government may decide to give out the contract to many subcontractors so as to ensure competition and efficiency. Being an experienced dealer in tyres including military tyres, performance in the deal will not be questionable.
Through the contract, revolution of the acquisition procedures for the armed service has been ensured; thus, the contracting procedures have to be followed. This involves simplified procedures, which involves embracing technology in the process of acquisition. As a result, I would use three dimensional demonstrations electronically to show the details of my products and allow any comments or adjustments which may deem necessary (Oyer 53). The federal acquisition reform act of 1996 takes into account other restrictions which could block me from having fair negotiations with the government before winning the tender.
Through these legislations, procurement procedures and negotiation with the government becomes relatively easy. My passion for supplying tyres to the armed personnel requires being competent enough and ability to provide the required products with precision. The amendments made on the rules governing these procedures are the motivating factor since small scale businesses are also favorably considered.
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