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Virtue, Duty, Utility and/or/as Feminist Ethics - Essay Example

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Different groups of people have different attitudes towards abortion and women that opt for it. For the last thirteen years, Audrey, has been actively involved in campaigns against abortion. She believes that abortion deprives a…
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Virtue, Duty, Utility and/or/as Feminist Ethics
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Extract of sample "Virtue, Duty, Utility and/or/as Feminist Ethics"

Virtue, Duty, Utility and Feminist ethics Abortion is a moral dilemma in the world today. Different groups of people have different attitudes towards abortion and women that opt for it. For the last thirteen years, Audrey, has been actively involved in campaigns against abortion. She believes that abortion deprives a child a right to live; therefore, any woman that aborts a baby deliberately is morally challenged. Six months ago, Audrey got her dream job with a highly reputable international organization, and she is required to travel a lot in the three years she will be working for the organization. However, three months into the job she discovered that she was expectant. She is not viable for a leave since she has not worked for at least a year as the company policy demands. Audrey finds herself torn between terminating the pregnancy and keeping her dream job or quitting the job for the sake of her principles.
A woman may conceive a baby at a time when time is not right to look after children due to other engagements (202). According to Wright, Aristotle says that naturally women are not capable of being Virtuous. They are mentally weak and incapable of making sound decisions (211). He further says that, by nature, Audrey is inferior, morally disabled and socially handicapped (202-218). Therefore, she should not be blamed for the kind of decisions she makes. Following Aristotle’s argument, Audrey decides to compromise her principles and terminate the pregnancy. Furthermore, she feels that after three years, she will commit herself to bringing up a family. She also feels that as a woman, she is prone to imperfection for; Aristotle says that, women cannot achieve perfection (204).
Such a solution has strengths and weaknesses. A woman has a right to her body and should not be under pressure when making decisions regarding her life. Audrey critically thinks about the women she has condemned over the years and realizes that though abortion is bad, it is equally bad to traumatize the victim. Although, after the abortion, Audrey can pursue her career without worrying about the welfare of her child, she will be acting contrary to her beliefs, and this may affect her psychologically. She is also likely to struggle with the guilt of killing an innocent child. Wright says that, women have feelings and desires just like men (203). Audrey may also be judged as immoral and insensitive by the society. Abortion can also be fatal, and by having it, Audrey is risking her life. She will also prove to the world that Aristotle’s views about women are true.
In conclusion, Audrey’s case is one of the many where a woman is torn between compromise and dignity. Leaning on either side has strengths and weaknesses. People face plausible dilemmas each day of their lives and it is not good enough to depend on one school of thought for a solution like Audrey. Moreover, abortion is not just a societal and moral dilemma. It is also an individual dilemma.
Work cited
Wright, F A. Feminism in Greek Literature from Homer to Aristotle. Whitefish, MT: Kessinger, 2005. Print. Read More
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