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ACCIDENT victim interview retport - Essay Example

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Upon the person’s request, the name and the organization’s name is appropriately withheld. As a nursing aide, the person interviewed, given a name of Ms. NA, for the…
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ACCIDENT victim interview retport
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Extract of sample "ACCIDENT victim interview retport"

Accident Victim Interview Report Accident Victim Interview Report The person interviewed works as a nursing aide with a health care institution within the local community. Upon the person’s request, the name and the organization’s name is appropriately withheld. As a nursing aide, the person interviewed, given a name of Ms. NA, for the essay’s purpose, has the following basic responsibilities: provides direct patient care through cleaning and bathing patients; assisting in repositioning patients in beds and transferring to wheelchairs; assisting patients in going to the toilet or in going to auxiliary services; taking vital signs and assisting in meals, as required.
In the course of the tasks requiring patients to be carried to change positions or to be assisted in going to the toilet, Ms. NA had to contend with exerting much effort to assist a patient who was apparently overweight. She was asked to assist the patient to go to the bathroom. Normally, there was a family member to assist, in addition to just relying on Ms. NA. However, since the family member had an important errand to make, Ms. NA was left alone to do the task. She managed to take the patient to and from the bathroom but the weight was already pressing on her arms and hands. When she had to exert one more full effort to ensure that the patient is situated comfortably on the bed, she felt that she has extreme pain on her right hand and felt extreme back pains and had to be relieved from the remaining time in her job that particular day. The date that the injury happened was September 5, 2012.
From the occupational injuries noted, Ms. NA filed for absence from work due to sickness for one week, starting on the date of the injury, September 5 up to September 10, 2012. From examination with an orthopedic doctor, it was revealed that though there was no dislocation on her right hand, there appears to be swelling due to muscle strain. Further, examination on her back also noted lower back injuries, in conjunction with musculoskeletal disorders. In this regard, five days leave was prescribed with medications ranging from anti-inflammatory drugs, vitamin supplements, and intermittent occupational therapy on the affected areas.
The incident did not result in OSHA visit since it was assumed that the occupational injuries and illnesses were sustained as normal and regular part of Ms. NA’s responsibilities as nursing aide. However, since the nurse manager was advised on the incident, it was evident that there were changes to the workplace that were needed. As such, it was evaluated that nursing aides who are required to support and assist patients with weight over the 51 pounds maximum standard must seek for assistance from other nursing aides or family members who are present to avoid overexertion. Likewise, to augment effective work practices and administrative controls (proper training and orientation), the health care institution slowly implemented engineering controls through specialized equipment that could be used to assist in lifting and transferring patients who exceed the defined weight standards, as revealed by OSHA requirements.
From then on, Ms. NA revealed that she is most careful in lifting and transferring patients, to carefully observe characteristics of the patients, the posture and position needed, the structural physical environment, and the availability of physical assistance or engineering controls, as required. With this information, one thanked Ms. NA profusely for her valuable time and effort for accommodating one’s interview. Read More
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ACCIDENT victim interview retport Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words. Retrieved from
(ACCIDENT Victim Interview Retport Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words)
ACCIDENT Victim Interview Retport Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
“ACCIDENT Victim Interview Retport Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words”, n.d.
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