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Ethical matter - Essay Example

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It is an important concept when it comes to making decisions that pertains to various situations that affect us in our normal life, hence very crucial (Banyard 6).
One particular ethical matter…
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Ethical matter
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Extract of sample "Ethical matter"

Ethical matter Introduction An ethical matter is an issue that governs the ethics and morals of our lives. It is an important concept when it comes to making decisions that pertains to various situations that affect us in our normal life, hence very crucial (Banyard 6).
One particular ethical matter pertains confidentiality ethical dilemma. It revolves around a psychologist and his client. In confidentiality ethical dilemma, a psychologist must ensure that his client builds confidence in him and that he treats his case professionally without involving emotions (Banyard 8). However, at times the information given by the client may at some extent pose some actual and potential risks to the client and his immediate family or relatives. Therefore, it is advisable that information discussed during the session should not at any cost lead to a sour relationship between the client and the psychologist.
In this particular scenario, the client is a family man with a wife and two little kids. When this family man books an appointment with the psychologist as any other client would do, the psychologist is certain that this is another case of the usual clients, he has been handling. Conversely, when they go down to the discussion, the psychologist realizes that this is a case of an ‘unusual client’. It emerges that the client problem; that of another woman whom he is dating and probably planning to settle down with happens to be the psychologist‘s sister. The issue affects the psychologist, the client, his wife, his kids and the preferred wife who is the psychologist’s sister. The decision that is expected by the client puts the psychologist in a peculiar position.
Needless to mention, even though the psychologist would want to justify the situation of the client leaving his wife and kids for the psychologist’s sister, he has the fear of letting his sister settle down with the client because she could also experience the same situation that is been experienced by the client’s current wife and kids. The ethical rule demands that the psychologist scrutinizes and assess the client’s case and gives professional advice that is fair to all the parties concerned without involving his emotions (Banyard 10). The psychologist’s ethical decision is also reliant on what the culture dictates about marriage and divorce. In case, ‘their’ culture allows for separation and/or divorce, he may clarify to the client of what is expected of him. He should also expound to him on what the law dictates on separation with the inclusion of children. In addition, whatever the decision, the client should be made to understand that consequences are inevitable. For instance, the current wife may not consent to separation/divorce. The client may also be forced to cater for children in terms of basic needs and education. On the case of the sister, he may also be forced to consult from fellow colleagues and basic knowledge like psychological theories. All these issues should be able to give him a stand on the matter forthwith. This is because all these implications matter to every one who is part of the ethical dilemma.
With reference to this scenario, the society has witnessed numerous case of similar articles, where men divorce their wives of many years with whom they have sired children to remarry to the extent of dating and settling down with women who have also been married and have moved from their husbands and children to other marriages. Hence the importance of counseling married couples.
Works cited:
Banyard, Philip. Ethnical Issues in Psychology. New York: Routledge, 2006. Print. Read More
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Ethical Matter Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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