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Rift Valley and Jane Axtell or The Chairman - Essay Example

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Work environments differ based on specific variables, but these environments can also exhibit similar aspects or components based on some of the underlying variables. In this respect, work in two different contexts can be compared, thereby noting existing or emerging…
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Rift Valley and Jane Axtell or The Chairman
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Extract of sample "Rift Valley and Jane Axtell or The Chairman"

The Rift Valley and the 21st Century Work environments differ based on specific variables, but these environments can also exhibit similar aspects or components based on some of the underlying variables. In this respect, work in two different contexts can be compared, thereby noting existing or emerging similarities, differences, or both (ASPA 89). The Rift Valley and the 21st century serve as key examples in such environments. Characterized by outstanding differences, variables, and parties or stakeholders, both the Rift Valley and the 21st century can be linked by distinctly observable aspects.
There are a number of persons, parties or stakeholders involved in both scenarios; the Rift Valley and the 21st century. These parties are charged with different duties and responsibilities, but the common denominator is that they work towards a common goal or purpose (Dow 212). On the same note, there are distinct mechanisms through which the required processes are undertaken or ways through which the involved parties interact. In this respect, there is an aspect of work setting established in both the Rift Valley and the 21st century.
Interaction and relations are also at stake in different levels. The extent of interaction between parties in the Rift Valley and those in the 21st century, however, vary according to the work practices observed in the two areas. At the height of work relations, there is a supervisory role played by the relevant key movers of activities, meaning that communication and work practices are undertaken in distinct levels that are unique to both the Rift Valley and the 21st century.
Given a choice between Jane Axtell and the chairman of the firm, personally I would choose the chairman of the firm. There are a number of reasons that back up this choice. Firstly, chairmanship is a coveted position hold. The desire to feel in control and working with other people is an interesting experience. In this regard, the chairman of the firm becomes an essential choice. This does not mean that Jane Axtell is dominated or ruled, but that the role played in her context is not as outstanding as that associated with the chairman.
Secondly critical decision is unavoidable to the chairman. This requires that the chairman keeps at par with the trends and changes in the firm. As a result, information diversity must characterize the roles played by the chairman. Similarly, I personally desire to associate with these activities. Chairmanship is essentially a critical position to exploit one’s knowledge and skills base (Teare 128). In other words, chairmanship encompasses working with the people for the people. Staying occupied and committed to firm duties makes the chairman of the firm a better personal choice.
Finally, the chairman of the firm is relatively more diverse and dynamic compared to Jane Axtell. Jane Axtell’s flexibility in the activities she engages in is rather low, unlike the chairman, who is hyper in flexibility in ensuring that things get done. The chairman also possesses a high socialization and interaction capacity, making the chairman an almost ideal person to associate with. For these reasons, the chairman is an outstanding character, thus my preference of the chairman to Jane Axtell.
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