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Ten 300-words Critical readings for Politic Course - Book Report/Review Example

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The article A Defense of International Criminal Law by Andrew Altman and Christopher Heath Wellman has very effectively brought readers towards the basic understanding of the ethical and legal perspective of the international criminal law and has succinctly highlighted different…
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Ten 300-words Critical readings for Politic Course
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Extract of sample "Ten 300-words Critical readings for Politic Course"

Download file to see previous pages Some countries live with fear that this law is manipulated by powerful countries in order to victimize other countries, while others are happy and see this law as a blessing. The question about how much control and power this law possesses and what should be its legal and ethical jurisdictions is very much pointed in this article.
In my view the article very much give balance views and has effectively endorse that prosecution of criminals should not only entitled with respect to the violence, terror, corruption or killings on the mass scale but should also be considered in a way that if state fails prosecute a criminal who is charged of rape, murder, extortion and other ill acts of the society which according to the law is a severe crime. Meanwhile contemporary and modern perspective regarding different decisions of international court is also the essence of this article which upon reading one can actually picture the standing of international law as a system. Solid grounds have been made in order to counter, challenge the contemporary logics and understandings which were previously placed by scholars of that time. The division of article and overall placement of data is phenomenal by any regard. Moreover another important notable point that author tries to build is the ability to understand international criminal law in terms of human rights perspective.
The article Aliens and Citizens: The case of open borders by Joseph H. Carens has very extensively highlighted the issues related to migration with special focus on western countries and has succinctly done criticism on their migration policies and later also shedding lights on the reasons that why these policies are put to practice by these developed countries (Carens, p. 251-273).
Human beings are amongst those creatures who are always striving in terms of having food, shelter and other social needs. For fulfilling these basic needs different ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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