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Eassy - Essay Example

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In the highly competitive business environment, the role of HR management and its response to transforming dynamics of globalization, changing technology, diversity, e-business and ethics become more challenging. As such, HR leadership initiatives have emerged as major…
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Extract of sample "Eassy"

In the highly competitive business environment, the role of HR management and its response to transforming dynamics of globalization, changing technology, diversity, e-business and ethics become more challenging. As such, HR leadership initiatives have emerged as major ingredients of competitive advantage that provide organizations with unique culture that is motivating and ethical in its operation. Indeed, its role as change manager becomes hugely pertinent to cope with constant changes in the external environment. Effective HRM exploits the potential of workforce for higher creative output and is intrinsically linked to the growth of the firm.
Globalization has significantly changed the dynamics of social structure and provided it with socio-cultural diversity that is indeed diverse in its application of ideas, ideologies and competencies across people coming from different race, culture, color and nationality. In such conditions, the role of HRM is crucial in creating a diverse workforce whose competencies are judiciously exploited for increasing organizational productivity (Gillham, Wood & Somerville, 2007). Indeed, in the transforming societal norms, cultural competencies can provide the organizations with unique competitive advantage that would be difficult to imitate. Thus, treating workforce as human capital is not only desirable but also essential in the changing environment of high competition.
Moreover, environmental changes like globalization and technology are also intrinsically linked to other paradigms of business which have considerable impact on the overall performance of the firm. Computer and internet have redefined communication and provided people with huge entrepreneurial opportunities to expand their business across globe. They have diminished the geographical distances and increased the challenges for HRM. The job specifications have become more stringent and jobs less secure due to new trends of outsourcing in non-core areas of business. HR’s contribution to the human capabilities through training and development become vital facilitator of motivated workforce that generates job security and inculcates higher sense of self-worth (Zapata-Cantu et al., 2007).
HRM is also responsible for creating an organizational culture that highlights cross cultural understanding, mutual respect, shared goals and strong teamwork. This is important in current times as diversity in workforce necessitates understanding of cross cultural values to inculcate mutual respect and strengthen teamwork (Beardwell & Claydon, 2007). The shared vision and collective goals give unique perspective to organizational behavior that influences performance outcome of organizations.
Most importantly, the compulsions of diversity become crucial ethical issues within recruitment, performance evaluation and promotion, training development etc. Tailor (2008) asserts that potential of diverse populace need to be exploited ethically for improving performance and gaining competitive advantage. Consequently, the design of psychometric tests for recruitment, selection and promotion must incorporate the changing pattern of social fabric and promote fair and non-discriminatory practices (Toplis, Dulewicz & Fletcher, 2005). The selection process and psychometric tests must be job specific and ensure reliability and validity of the process and conform to the social and legal compulsions.
One can therefore, conclude that role of HRM is key to the success of the business. It provides the firm with workforce that enables the firm to meet the challenges of time and gain leverage.
(words: 507)
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