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In the Rimmel advertisement that includes American singer and actress Zooey Deschanel, beauty is defined in a very specific way. The product that is being advertised is Rimmel’s LASH…
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LASH ACCELERATOR Mascara Produces Beauty Beauty is something that is objective because there are many different views on it. In the Rimmel advertisement that includes American singer and actress Zooey Deschanel, beauty is defined in a very specific way. The product that is being advertised is Rimmel’s LASH ACCELERATOR Mascara. The focus of this advertisement is definitely geared towards young females who feel insecure about themselves. More particularly, females who feel that their eye lashes are too short are encouraged to purchase this item. The argument is that having longer eyelashes makes a woman more beautiful than she already is. This advertisement makes attempts to persuade the viewer through its tone and inclusion of statistics.
This advertisement is effective because of the tone displayed. The male narrator speaks with a positive and upbeat tone of voice, creating the illusion that he would be interested in a woman who uses this product. From his voice, it is likely that he is in his mid to late 20’s and is a man that every young woman aspires for. When introducing the product, the narrator uses such words as “ultra” and “formula.” The use of these words is designed to appeal to up-market women who have an education and perhaps earn significantly more than the average woman. By adding the word “formula” in there, it seems as thought the company has tested the product multiple times before settling on the one eventually introduced to the market. Words like “ultra” attempt to accentuate the word “lengthening,” which is the main purpose of the whole advertisement.
Another reason why this advertisement is so convincing is through its use of statistics. The narrator claims that “lashes look up to 80% longer.” This would be appealing for any woman who felt that their lashes were too short. Also, included along the bottom of the screen is a claim that 93% of women agree that this product works. This once again tries to convey a message to the viewer that the product is trustworthy because it is accepted among everyday regular women. The narrator finally mentions that “9 out of 10 agree that lashes look remarkably long” through the use of this product. While this may seem convincing to a viewer who does not know the background of these claims, these figures needs more justification. For instance, of the 93% of women who agree that this product is beneficial, who were the 41 women surveyed? Are they qualified to give an opinion on the topic? Of course, in a 30-second advertisement it is impossible to accurately verify this. If the company wants to convince women who are not satisfied, then perhaps detailed analyses of the surveys taken for this product could be put up on the company website. It is one thing to make claim, but it needs to be backed up with proof.
Overall, this advertisement is very appealing for any young woman who has insecurities about the look of their eyes. The use of a model to display the product helps the audience to identify the effects of the product with someone whom they know. Despite the advertisement not giving concrete evidence for the results of the product, this advertisement is convincing because of its tone and the use of surveys to help verify the claims of the product. Read More
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No Title Page Not Yet Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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