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MNC Now and Then - Essay Example

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Virtual team working has become the trend in contemporary organizations that are struggling to expand; struggling to thrive while cutting costs related to operations,…
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MNC Now and Then
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Extract of sample "MNC Now and Then"

Running head: MNC Now and Then MNC Now and Then Team management equates people management to a large extent, and morecloser in virtual team management. Virtual team working has become the trend in contemporary organizations that are struggling to expand; struggling to thrive while cutting costs related to operations, logistics and infrastructure; and also to provide better work benefits in terms of flexible work schedules, flexibility of location etc. Whatever be the reasons for building virtual teams, the challenges in managing and building virtual teams have to be tackled effectively in order for the business to benefit and grow as desired. Contemporary MNCs are able to do tackle the challenges with the use of sophisticated technologies, advanced management models, and effective leadership, which will be continued to be put in use even after decades.
Many management models and concepts consider human resources as the core elements of success. The resource-based view of the firm also emphasizes human resources as one of the most critical resources of any firm, which would include all employees (Armstrong, 2010). With the advent of virtual team working concept, many practices have been identified and are being implemented to effectively manage virtual teams in many multinational companies across the world (Caligiuri, Lepak & Bonache, 2010). Of these, one of the best practices that is being followed currently and can be continued even in future is the practice of enabling individual members of the virtual team to benefit from the team (Caligiuri et al, 2010; p.119). This practice is based on the principle that employees need to be motivated continuously in order to derive greater performance and productivity from time to time. Employee motivation concept has existed ever since the concept of management began, or, maybe, even before that. The need for motivation is a natural psychological and sociological phenomenon that will continue to exist in future too. Hence, it is important that employers put in all possible efforts to keep their employees motivated in all circumstances. This becomes even more important in virtual teams because of challenges such as lack of personal contact, differences in understanding owing to cultural differences, potential technological glitches, etc.
In contemporary MNCs, practices that make virtual team members feel belonged to the organization are adopted in the form of rewards and recognition, team meetings through video conferencing, onshore and offshore learning and working opportunities etc. All these practices enhance employee belongingness besides other benefits. From political perspective, these practices improve employee relations across borders in addition to gaining an understanding of cultural differences and their interpretations. Secondly, these practices help in creating and providing equal opportunities to perform and grow, which is in line with national employment laws in most countries. Growth and profits certainly add to economic growth of the country; and encouraging employment from other countries on virtual basis also enhances economy by creating greater cash inflows. Technological perspectives of virtual team-working while enabling all team members to feel belonged are multidimensional. For instance, having members from different countries improves knowledge base if knowledge sharing and knowledge management is effective. Moreover, more and better technological advancements and business outcomes can be achieved when knowledge from different sources can be harnessed. Research indicates that tacit knowledge transfer is more effective through social and face-to-face interactions, which is being adopted in current MNCs with the use of advanced technology (Noorderhaven & Harzing, 2008). For this to happen, motivation and commitment of virtual team members must be enhanced through suitable practices.
In conclusion, employee motivation, belongingness and commitment are important for a firm’s success. Changing demands, increasing opportunities, advancing technologies, and globalization are exerting greater pressure on firms, which is further challenging their sustenance. Employers are adopting various methods to improve employee motivation and commitment in real and virtual management world, which are in accordance with current business needs. However, methods to be adopted in the future would depend upon technological advancements, political relations, employee demands, and the nature of business. The factor that would remain constant is the role of employee motivation and commitment to organization’s success.
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within MNCs. Journal of International Business Studies, 40(5), pp:719-741. Read More
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