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Research two of the best companies to work for in America - Essay Example

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There are a huge variety of factors to consider, not the least of which are hiring practices (it’s better to hire from places that promote from within, obviously), job growth, as well as compensation, obviously…
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Research two of the best companies to work for in America
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Extract of sample "Research two of the best companies to work for in America"

Prof’s Determining the best companies to work for can often be hard. There are a huge variety of factors to consider, not the least of which are hiring practices (it’s better to hire from places that promote from within, obviously), job growth, as well as compensation, obviously. But there is often a something extra that can lead to one company being truly the best place to work in America. The two best companies to work for in America, when one examines them from every angle, including the “extra little something,” are Google and Boston consulting group.
Both Google and Boston consulting group have things that make them great employers: things like industry leading salaries and care packages, a spirit of hiring from within, good job growth and so forth. Boston Consulting Group even hired its largest crop of new recruits ever in the year 2010, showing that even in the midst of serious economic downturn it is able to promise strong job growth. Google’s revenue continues to grow as well, with its search business and Android platform on mobile devices. That, along with a relatively small pool of employees leaves a large pool of money that allows both companies to spread a great deal of money and benefits to its employees while still remaining profitable.
What makes both companies better than any other, however, is the x factor that can’t be quantified. For Google this x-factor is largely the corporate culture, a corporate culture that values innovation, forces its employees to take time to do something that does not relate to their jobs every day to keep them sharp, and allows new ideas to percolate. Boston Consulting Group has a very different type of x-factor. Boston Consulting, as an employer, has one of the greatest commitments to social issues of any company in the country. It has a network set up to do so, called Social Impact Practice Network, which allows its workers to pursue projects in conjunction with the UN world Food Program and Save the Children; furthermore, BCN removed its employees from projects they were working on to give on-the-ground support in Haiti following the earthquake that devastated the country (CNN Money).
It is almost impossible to actually determine what the two best employers in the country are. Every year, Forbes publishes a list of the best employers in the country. Each one of those companies has top-notch wages, good job growth in both hourly and salaried workers, and many different kinds of benefits for its employees. In all of these realms, both Boston Consulting Group and Google have all of those things in great amounts. The x-factors each of them has, however, puts them in a different realm than almost any other employer in the country. Not everyone may agree that Boston Consulting Group and Google are the best companies in America, they would both be near the top of any list, largely because of their x-factors.
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