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Priceline is an internet-based website from United States that offers worldwide booking services for flights, rental cars, hotel reservations, cruises, hotel guides, and vacation packages for individuals as well as groups. Priceline’s poses a challenge of the customer being in…
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Emotional response
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Emotional Response of Priceline Website Priceline is an internet-based website from United s that offers worldwide booking services for flights,rental cars, hotel reservations, cruises, hotel guides, and vacation packages for individuals as well as groups. Priceline’s poses a challenge of the customer being in a position to bargain for the price on different services. Additionally, the customer has an opportunity to save by bidding for discounts on booked flights, hotel reservations, and rental cars. The customer can bid for 40% discount on flights, 60% discount on hotel reservation, and 40% discount on rental cars. Priceline enables the customer to choose from 165,000 hotels in addition to being able to carry out all the booking transactions online. Additionally, the website enables the customer to accomplish several other activities such as check the status of any bookings as well as receive alerts in case of won bids. Moreover, the customers can also give feedback on different services. The website appeals to the customers who may be willing to make last minute flight bookings or even compare prices in different hotels worldwide.
Priceline’s website plot is appealing since all the services are organized in columns, which makes it easy for customers to access and scrutinize. On opening each column, it becomes even easier for the customer to analyze the services offered by Priceline in different regions of the world. The website contains navigation tools that enable the customer to access further details on each specific service. Additionally, sections such as vacation packages display images that add to the strength of the website. Read More
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Emotional Response Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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