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Friedman Paragraph Graded - Assignment Example

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The logic behind this suggestion is that an enlightened society can effectively reduce poverty and social inequality through the provision of…
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Friedman Paragraph Graded Assignment
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Extract of sample "Friedman Paragraph Graded"

Module Friedman Paragraph Graded Assignment According to Friedman, the current economic development should be focused on Knowledge economy, which lays emphasis on education. The logic behind this suggestion is that an enlightened society can effectively reduce poverty and social inequality through the provision of resources and opportunities required for upward economical mobility and inclusion. One of the reasons cited as causing the current economic crisis is the political inefficiency (4:03 – 9:10). Education plays a pivotal role in nurturing leaders with impeccable leadership skills necessary in averting the economic breakdown. Diverting the attention of the public from politics to economy development requires education skills. The political aspirants should focus on the tactics they can apply to help the United States chant her way out of economic crisis. It is true that the current generation is lacking ample knowledge in solving the economic crisis. The causes and solutions of the economic crisis are well stipulated in educational concepts. If the concepts are gained by majority, the problem would be easily averted (4:03 – 9:10). For instance, the technological advancement and understanding of the current technology has enabled people to connect and share development ideas through the social media such as face book. This implies that if everyone understands the real problems affecting the economy, people can share ideas that can solve the crisis. Referring to the Friedman’s idea, offering jobs alone is not enough to deliver the expected results as the performance will be low (4:03 – 9:10). The strategy in uplifting the job sector should focus on hiring employees who can invent and reinvent the strategies aimed at improving performance in the changing economic times (4:03 – 9:10). It is true that education is one of the prominent pillars of the economy (15:55 – 18:05). The efficiency of the other pillars is a product of educational knowledge and skills provided through education.
Work Cited
MSN, Meet the Press Transcript. Friedman, Gigot, Waters, McKinnon, Goodwin, Goodwin. September 4, 2011. Web. September 24, 2012. Read More
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(Friedman Paragraph Graded Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words)
Friedman Paragraph Graded Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
“Friedman Paragraph Graded Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words”, n.d.
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