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Hotel Ole Housekeeper - Assignment Example

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The basic aim of performance management is the personal and professional growth of individual within work environment (Armstrong & Baron, 2005). The feedback greatly…
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Hotel Ole Housekeeper
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Extract of sample "Hotel Ole Housekeeper"

Feedback is very important element of effective performance management and appraisal of employee’s performance. The basic aim of performance management is the personal and professional growth of individual within work environment (Armstrong & Baron, 2005). The feedback greatly facilitates in identifying the core competencies of the employee and helps understand his/her strength and weaknesses. In the case of Housekeeper of hotel Ole, appraisal becomes critical input to improve and improvise the standard of services of the hotel. The mission of the hotel is to provide superior guest service so as to increase the average guests’ length of stay and return rate. High standard of housekeeping therefore becomes essential for customers’ satisfaction and for their regular patronage. Moreover, role of housekeeper becomes crucial as room rental constitute around 50% of the revenue, thereby, making customers’ satisfaction intrinsic part of hotel’s objectives.
Housekeeper is vital part of service industry that is responsible for the overall cleanliness and welcoming environment of hotel. Housekeeper also ensures Attractive decoration, cleanliness and maintenance of public and office area like reception, corridor, banquet hall, conference hall etc. Housekeeper also looks after the comfort, health, hygiene and safety of the guests by ensuring cleanliness and material comfort in the room. The fresh sheets, spotless toilets, clean wardrobe, fast laundry services and good ambience of the room in general, greatly facilitate guests’ comfort. Effective communication through room service also helps to resolve his/her problems related to housekeeping services. He is responsible for the general well-being of the guests and their comfort throughout the stay. The feedback from guests therefore becomes essential tool to assess the level of service of the housekeeper that reflects their level of satisfaction and expectations.
The regular appraisal system by supervisor through feedback and direct communication is important ingredient to monitor and assess the job specific skills of the housekeepers and to know whether the job objectives are fulfilled. It also encourages regular communication with them to understand their expectations, their needs and their requirements vis-à-vis job fulfillment and job satisfaction. Most importantly, it helps to create an environment of trust and relationship that contributes to higher work productivity and commitment to the organization.
The 360 degree appraisal/ feedback is another key element of feedback. It involves anonymous and confidential feedback from various people like peer group, supervisor, head, colleagues etc. as well as self-assessment/ feedback by the employee. The feedback questionnaire covers wide range of workplace competencies with rating that helps in the appraisal of the performance standard of the housekeeper. It helps to highlight the strengths and weaknesses within the work paradigm and prepare development program to address the weaknesses and exploit the strengths. Thus, effective feedback and appraisal system hugely encourages high level of service that reflects the high standard of the hotel.
The housekeeping contributes significantly to the reputation of the hotel and therefore becomes one of the key ingredients of the hospitality industry. The regular feedback and appraisal system have emerged as crucial aspect of performance management that lends credence to the service industry. They greatly support personal and professional development through skill development training, feedback and reflective practice to improve and improvise performance outcome.
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Armstrong, A. and Baron, A. (2005) Managing Performance, London: CIPD. Read More
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