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Food Stamp Challenge - Assignment Example

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As a result, the food stamp initiative launched in the United States to cater for the poor needs to assessed and analyzed carefully. This essay looks…
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Food Stamp Challenge Assignment
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Extract of sample "Food Stamp Challenge"

Download file to see previous pages The log below shows the meals that I bought and ate during the challenge.
The meals in most cases did not meet the dietary requirements due to cost constraints. When these meals were compared to dietary requirements under the ChooseMyPlate chart, diet was not met. The main food groups which include fruits, vegetables, grains and protein foods were used in assessing the dietary requirements. For instance, I did not take any dairy products during this period and essentials oils were used in cooking food. From the chart we notice that an adult requires at least 3 cups of milk in a day. Moreover, an adult requires at least 3 cups of veggies in a day and this requirement was met by 1st and 3rd days of the challenge. While at least 4 ounces of grains that are contained in food such as Pizza, donuts and sandwiches. The major food intake that the body requires is proteins and this was achieved through eating Pizza, Chinese takeout and Double Cheese Burgers (Blatt 87). During the challenge I was able to cut down on intake of proteins due to the high cost of these foods. This requirement was met during the 4 day challenge. During the period of the challenge I was not able to meet the dietary needs but I improved on eating healthy by buying fruit and veggie salads (Counihan 104). The challenge was educational and enriching since it gave me an opportunity to improve on my eating habits. I learnt a lot concerning healthy foods and which food groups I could eat from and how much was required from each food group.
However, eating under a tight budget made it difficult to buy some food items and this frustrated unnecessary eating. Especially when it came to indulging in stuff like chocolates, cakes, snacks or ice cream the money was not enough. This disturbed and made it difficult to concentrate during the day especially at meal times. The challenge was quite tiring since it ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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