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Memo regarding gun violence and illegal use of narcotics - Assignment Example

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However, with the increased levels of technology observed in the 21st century, it is of no doubt that these issues have grown a great deal. It is, thus, important…
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Memo regarding gun violence and illegal use of narcotics
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Extract of sample "Memo regarding gun violence and illegal use of narcotics"

Download file to see previous pages However, their use should be solely after a doctor’s or professional pharmacist’s prescription. Nevertheless, many people tend to ignore this fact and go ahead to abuse these substances. The most common manner through which the abuse takes place is by taking these drugs in high dosages and, thus, altering their reception by the human body system. By modifying the reception, the brain fails to co-ordinate and function normally, and this leads to the users engaging in acts of violence.
As in this case, the acts of violence often involve the purchase of firearms in an effort to settle old scores. In the normal and sober condition of these people, they may have had a misunderstanding with someone. The misunderstanding might have been negligible, but after the intoxication of the brain, all these emotions get heightened, thus resulting in the purchase of these weapons to commit acts of revenge or associated self-gratification tactics (Decker and Alarid 37).
The other relation between gun violence and the illegal use of narcotics is concerning the economic environment. Over the last couple of years, the economy has been unstable with inflation hitting the market often. This has made it difficult for people that live under the poverty line and at times, even middle-income earners to survive these conditions. This leads to the indulgence in additional activities such as the sale of firearms in an effort to obtain additional money for the fulfillment of personal needs. For the addicts, these personal needs may even involve the purchase of more drugs.
Another connection found between the illegal use of narcotics and gun violence is the systematic link (Decker and Alarid 47). Common to all countries in the world, the use of narcotics is a crime. This, therefore, makes it rather impossible for any peaceful drug business to take part legally. As widely perceived, any illegal activity is usually associated with violence. The narcotics environment is rather concealed ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Memo Regarding Gun Violence and Illegal Use of Narcotics Assignment.
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