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The impact was significant since all kinds of animals benefited from the lesson learnt by man due to the incidents that occurred…
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8 sentences
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The impact of Black Beauty The impact of black beauty is that it managed to achieve its goals and targets by ensuring that human beings stopped harassing and flogging horses. The impact was significant since all kinds of animals benefited from the lesson learnt by man due to the incidents that occurred (Sewell, 597).
The book made great sales in the make because of its uniqueness in witting by the author, for example, the horse in the first person described the story, and all the major characters were animals. The key theme learnt from the story also made it become one f the best and greatest books eve, since few authors had come out openly to defend the rights of the animals. The message was educative and made the society aware of animals rights to ensure that they harmoniously with human beings (Sewell, 313).
The book has changed the behavior of London Cabmen at the time of its publication since it made him aware of the significance of taking care of animals. It further taught him that, animals also feel pain, hence ought to be taken care of and treated humbly. Previously, the London Cabmen mistreated animals in general especially horses, but after launching of the book, a sense of care to animals was instilled in their minds.
Lastly, the black beauty, led to the elimination of the bearing rein. Bearing rein is a piece of a hose track that is placed from a point on the horse’s back, goes towards the head to a bit. It was majorly used to carry human beings in cart or luggage and is currently known as over-check. The object was used to ensure that horse does not lower its head beyond a fixed point by inflicting pain. This was seen as animal torture and hence, forced to be eliminated from the society (Sewell, 313).
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Sewell, Anne, Black Beauty. New York: Publishing, 2005 Read More
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8 Sentences Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words - 1.
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