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Company structure refers to departments and hierarchy. Which department connects to what other departments? Who does a department head report to? How many directors, VPs, or supervisors are there; who are they? (Keep in mind that you are concerned only with those associated…
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I will tell you on the different file
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Download file to see previous pages This sounds like a feasibility study, but it is actually part of a much bigger picture: What can this farm operation do to become more profitable? Note that the decision about the type of bales would be part of the solution, but not the entire solution.
This information is important to the audience because it will influence the way that the smart phone industry goes. If Samsung and other competitors of Apple cannot compete due to lawsuits or fear or breaking patent and copyrights, then Apple will become a virtual monopoly. Samsung will then be faced with withdrawing from the smart phone market completely, and would results in billions of dollars of lost revenue, but more importantly, the lost of a huge customer base. Once Samsung (and other smart phone companies) realize that it cannot compete with Apple, then the market will turn into a virtual monopoly. Another problem to consider is the fact that dropping out of the smart phone market may affect Samsung’s other lines of interest.
Samsung’s top executives will be able to use sales figures to determine if any negative press from the court rulings is hurting sales of smart phones. A decision can then be made whether to continue in the smart phone market or withdraw if sales are down and/or Samsung products are banned from certain states or territories.
There are still several court injunctions out against Samsung, but Samsung’s sales of smart phones continue to rise. In Q2 of 2012, it was estimated that Samsung had sold more handsets worldwide than Apple had. This is perhaps part of the reason why Apple has been so forceful in going to the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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