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Note taking by condensing Quinn's first nine chapters into notes - Assignment Example

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Filled by frustration and an eternal reflection about how the world has been cruelly aspersed by rapid changes and developments, he wandered and wondered why these are attained at the cost…
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Note taking by condensing Quinns first nine chapters into notes
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Extract of sample "Note taking by condensing Quinn's first nine chapters into notes"

Topic: This is a story of a man in solitary and existential search for deeper meaning and wisdom. Filled by frustration and an eternal reflection about how the world has been cruelly aspersed by rapid changes and developments, he wandered and wondered why these are attained at the cost of human’s marginalization, displacement and alienation from his own ecology. The quest for answers led him, strangely, to a Gorilla at a menagerie—who apparently became his wise, sage teacher. The discourse was made in such Socratic process
The latter raise questions that brought searing pain; author lethargic irreversible realities about rejection; of the challenges of modern civilization. He realized this gorilla was able to develop an adaptation to his environment at the zoo and came about the norms of the civilized community from his observations of people who’d visit him at his lair. He must have loved the wild, for certain, except that with incessant utilization of resources from the mountains and the destruction of their home or habitat, life there becomes improbable and risky for a wild beast like him. The changes of course brought questions on identity, as human beings desire that all animals, things, and objects must have names—regardless if this is culturally or zoologically befitting to be named as such because translocation apparently is appended with untangled or mystifying confusion and disorientation on life’s dichotomy. Children for instance would love to enjoy trekking in the forests and learn on the variation of species but this Gorilla perceived of those mountains as vast strange wasteland. The lesson of captivity provided an opportunity to anchor such human beings’ restiveness for paradigmatic discernment on their dependency on nature for survival but is, on similar note, engaged in wanton destruction of environment and resource. They are the same people who are very passionate about life but also became authors of armed conflicts; murderers of those who refused to adhere to the power of those who subjugate. These peoples, who claimed to be the most civilized beings on earth, but whose knowledge are used to disadvantage others; made laws to repress civil liberties; and, used their minds to despair other hearts. Will Ishmael be able to pursue his desire to change the world? Or, will this remain a dream? Maybe reviewing peoples’ culture and ideological differences seemed to have buried the common values required to appreciate multi-ethnicity and variegation of faiths. Those who dubbed themselves as the master of all races subjugated and enslaved the powerless. Such inspire an impetus for people to struggle in an unending quest for liberty at the cost of lives, of children, of women, of the aged, and of men who sacrificed their bloods and strength to regain what they used or wanted to enjoy.
If this civilization needs to be saved from wanton destruction, from oppressive isolation of beings from his society, and from the shackles of slavery for them to be able to express their freedom and rights; to be at liberty to travel and enjoy this world, then people must take upon themselves to consider themselves as integral to nature; exercise their universal rights; and to disregard the culture that sets them apart each other. The enjoyment of these rights must be acculturated and be considered as value, as lifestyles, and their stories. Those people who belong to the past, who have left this world with some dreams and aspirations, should be continued by the Takers who would unravel another chapter of a story to relate their present lives and predicament, as well as, how they intend to rehabilitate, reconstruct, and rebuild this world as stewards of nature and of their children. The takers must write about those lies and relate realities founded on certainties; create changes positively for a better and humane world.
Quinn, Daniel (1991). Ishmael: An Adventure of Mind and Spirit. Bantam Books, New York. pp. 1-169. Read More
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(Note Taking by Condensing Quinn'S First Nine Chapters into Notes Assignment)
Note Taking by Condensing Quinn'S First Nine Chapters into Notes Assignment.
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