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For a German, a work accomplished with a very good quality but after the deadline is not something admirable since the deadline was missed. Their consciousness about the…
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11 September Comparison between Germans’ and Americans’ Cultural Traits Punctuality One of the most admirable traits of the Germans is that they are very particular about meeting the deadlines. For a German, a work accomplished with a very good quality but after the deadline is not something admirable since the deadline was missed. Their consciousness about the deadlines makes them very punctual which benefits them both in their personal and professional life. Unlike the Germans, the Americans are not too particular about the deadlines. Although the Americans do establish deadlines in business, yet they focus more upon the quality of work and if it takes a little longer than the deadline to accomplish work with a high quality, they have no issue with that.
Another very admirable feature of the behavior of Germans is the respect of the younger for the elders. German children respect their parents a lot which lays the foundation of a strong family system in Germany. The young ones spend time with the elders, seek advice from them and try to benefit from their experience and wisdom. Germans also “respect foreign cultures and learn their languages” (Bernstein 45). On the other hand, Americans are more focused upon equality of rights and individual’s freedom irrespective of age difference. They are not quite as particular as Germans about showing reverence for their elders while communicating with them. American youth tends to cultivate a culture of friendship with the elderly and since equality is one of the fundamentals of friendship, the young ones tend to approach the elderly as their parallels. Unlike the Germans, the Americans don’t make much effort to learn the foreign languages. Instead, the foreigners entering America learn the Americans’ language.
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