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Technology in business - Assignment Example

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This is because it deals mainly with the management of tangible and intangible resources such as software, computer hardware, networks, data and center management functions…
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Technology in business
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Download file to see previous pages These aspects are not present in other management functions and therefore requires a manager with such knowledge as depicted by Austin, Nolan and O’Donnell (43)
Barton seems to have learnt a lot concerning his assumption that “you can’t know enough about technology to manage without a crew of nerd sidekicks’” (Austin, Nolan and O’Donnell 49). The novel depicts how Barton discovered what it takes to be a good IT manager, which is far from the assumption he had before. This is manifested from the fact that despite him being an IT manager, he had absolutely no knowledge with regard to the complexity resided “below the floorboards” of IT system (Austin, Nolan and O’Donnell 46). Therefore, the only way to prove a point was by advancing his education through reading of books pertaining to IT.
At the very beginning, we find that Barton’s plans to engage only five senior members of the staff while excluding others like John Cho, who is responsible for security matters did not go well with the other members of the staff. From the argument, all the senior members of the IT staff expected the discussion to involve every staff member so that they could amicable talks of things that are going on, the challenges facing the IT and future risks for the company. Nevertheless, Barton had no such plans as we see through Fenton’s and Ruben’s interjections during the meeting leading to breakdown of discussion (Austin, Nolan and O’Donnell 40). His plans also failed due to the fact that despite him being the senior most manager of the company, he had no enough knowledge of IT issues as manifested during his discussion with the senior members of the staff.
An IT organization is structured in that manner to ensure that work is performed in accordance with the missions of the organization so that the goals can be met. This ensures that each department or employee knows what the organization expects of him or her for effective ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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