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Soc Of Develop Countries - Essay Example

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Obama’s views on the Honduran coup are inappropriate since the U.S administration has persistently condemned the coup; however, he has failed to impose appropriate measures that would contain the coup. Consequently, his views are not genuine and appear as concealed approaches…
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Soc Of Develop Countries
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Extract of sample "Soc Of Develop Countries"

Soc of Developing Countries Obama’s administration views on the Honduran Coup Obama’s views on the Honduran coup are inappropriate since the U.S administration has persistently condemned the coup; however, he has failed to impose appropriate measures that would contain the coup. Consequently, his views are not genuine and appear as concealed approaches of distancing his governance from the problem. Obama has promised for a new approach of engagement, but his actions have not supported the approach. Indeed, few analysts have identified that the Bush governance presented effort that outweighs Obama’s commitment in resolving the matter. This highlights that the Hondurans have not realized a new engagement strategy as per the Obama’s undertaking. The Obama administration has called for the promotion of democracy and has clearly indicated that Coup is not an appropriate approach of resolving conflicts; however, the administration has not responded accordingly. The article observes that the US administration has adopted a silent position because of the fear of the growing authority in the Latin nations. This indicates the administration’s views are not justifiable.
Secret of the people’s power of success during revolution
The secret of the people’s power in a situation of a revolution emanates with their ability to uniting for a common interest. A revolution may start with few individuals; however, if these individuals have ideologies that can attract other peoples to their side, they can easily establish a huge group with a strong command (Griffiths, 2011). This is affirmed by the fact that a leader may silence one or two protesters, but can hardly suppress millions of protesters who are determined to witness a change. Apparently, no personal skills or leadership tactics can survive such forces. Accordingly, focus is an imperative aspect that is attributable to the secret of the people’s authority during revolution. Indeed, people who has strong quest of changing a certain situation are likely to attain the same (Handelman, 2011).
Factors influencing the likelihood of military intervention in Third World politics
Political instabilities and poor governance that fails to uphold the concept of democracy are crucial factors, which may lead to suctioning of military interventions in the Third World politics (Handelman, 2011). An autonomy state reserves the authority of controlling its territory. However, in situations where a state fails to exercise appropriate control, global military intervention becomes essential. This is primarily promoted by a situation that present existence of persistent unsettled religious, racial or historical concerns of great magnitude. Importantly, military intervention may be necessary in a situation where the global community consider that a country is presenting extreme danger to peace and stability. Accordingly, the global community values the need of containing the situation to prevent the condition from becoming worse (Griffiths, 2011).
Major strengths and weaknesses of military governments
A prominent strength of a military government is its strong command that is capable of establishing order and stability within a short period. The government utilizes its excellent military in responding accordingly to any forces that challenge the organization of the country. Furthermore, a military government has potential of challenging activities of an enemy that seems to weaken the country’s autonomy. However, a military government has a weakness of applying excessive power. The government may utilize its supreme authority to dictate and impose exploitive policies. Additionally, because of its compromised actions, a military government may face protests from the public. Lastly, these governments mainly fail to respond to important concerns affecting their citizens since they prioritize on military activities.
Handelman, H. (2011). SOC 300: The challenge of Third World development: 2119 custom
edition (6th Ed.). Boston, MA: Longman – Pearson Custom Publishing.
Griffiths, R. J. (Ed.). (2011). SOC300: Developing World 11/12: 2011 custom edition (21st ed.). New York: McGraw-Hill.   Read More
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Soc Of Develop Countries Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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