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I share the sentiment that emphasizes “the importance of relating newly learned concepts to prior knowledge in order for the learner to process the new information and be able to use this information in a new and different setting.” Everyone has a knowledge base and it is…
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Teaching in Nursing Education discussion posts
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Teaching in Nursing Education discussion posts Affiliation: Response to Merritt Ishare the sentiment that emphasizes “the importance of relating newly learned concepts to prior knowledge in order for the learner to process the new information and be able to use this information in a new and different setting.” Everyone has a knowledge base and it is this base that one builds upon to integrate new information, learn to manipulate it and apply it. Teaching student nurses needs a flexible and innovative mindset that is sensitive to students’ knowledge base (Huang, 2002).
Response to Tina
Healthcare recently has become inextricably intertwined with business hence hospitals are run on strict budgets to maximize profits in most cases. This has hampered “staff development... managers are eager to get nurses into staffing; some are reluctant to send them to classes they should have before they start working.” This has curtailed the educational development of nurses leading to a shortage of specialized nurses (who would be preceptors) as hospitals are less willing to invest in the education of nurses (National League of Nursing, 2011).
Response to Glenda
Nursing is more than a course taught at a college or university, it is a practical subject that has to facilitate hands on learning using hospitals. “The increase in numbers of students entering nursing programs there has become an increased competition for acute care clinical sites” and this has limited time for practice. This problem can be addressed by requiring that each nursing teaching facility build a teaching hospital before it is certified by the state education agencies (National League for Nursing, 2005).
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