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Counseling Theory - Term Paper Example

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The use of Christian Worldview in applying psychotherapy to patients is becoming a major alternative in many cases; it is being used in secular counseling, too. This paper discusses how this worldview can be used in psychoanalysis to achieve a successful psychotherapy for…
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Counseling Theory Paper
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Download file to see previous pages is a concept of offering counseling to patients with psychiatric problems; according to it, applying spiritual and biblical concepts and philosophy will help the patients overcome their problems. This is very important in psychoanalysis because it not only provides a basis to diagnose patients with psychological problems but also makes it possible for these patients to be treated. The main assumption here would be that a patient will be aligned with biblical concepts. This is because, as Jared (2009) argues, for a patient to benefit from the therapy, he/she has to believe in the concept that the counselor is using. A closer look does indicate that those who are inclined to religious faith are more likely to be treated successfully with this Christian Worldview concept than those who are not be inclined to have religious faith or any form of spirituality. As a result, when applying the Christian Worldview in secular therapy, it is important to make sure that this does not come between the patient and his/her healing, by making sure that the patients will come to terms with the treatment. Failing to do this can cause a lot of problems, and the patient can end up being worse off than he was before (William, 2009). Christian Worldview is build around the idea that the patient will benefit more by looking deeper into himself/herself and identifying some his/her spiritual inadequacies. The main idea is that any psychological problems are caused by the person’s failure to come to terms with spiritual requirements. This view is quite different from the secular view, because the secular view is more inclined to believe that the patient’s problems are caused by the external world rather than the internal issues. This is because the secular view of counseling and psychiatric therapy focuses on the fact that psychological problems arise from the way a person looks at himself, and that this picture is always a result of what the person knows or believes the other people ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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