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The human resource system in the accounting profession - Term Paper Example

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In large organization, it is hard for the top management to follow up all accounting procedures that the organization might be undertaking therefore, human resource plays…
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The human resource system in the accounting profession
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Download file to see previous pages Working in a small organization gives a person an opportunity to share ideas and issues that might be affecting his/her performance. This reduces the need for having a human resource department. On the other hand, working in a small organization exposes an employee to exploitation because such organization does not require human resource to run the affairs of the organization. Therefore challenges that an employee goes through are not well adressed (Rothwell, Taylor, & Prescott, 2010).
Working in a large organization creates harmony and togetherness due to teamwork. This reduces the need for human resource to use rewarding system in order to motivate the employees. In addition, one can be able to further his/her training due to different training programs that are suggested by human resource department (Hopper, Uddin, & Tsamenyi, 2012). As a result one is able to diversify his/her skills. On the other hand, working in a large organization reduces management concentration on a single individual. A large organization deals with many people therefore becoming hard to understand individual’s problem and challenges that might be affecting the performance (Daft, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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