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How might wind or water power become at least partial, but significant solution to global energy issues - Essay Example

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The most common form of energy harvested from water is hydroelectricity, which is done by using running water (rivers) to turn turbines that are then used to produce…
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How might wind or water power become at least partial, but significant solution to global energy issues
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Extract of sample "How might wind or water power become at least partial, but significant solution to global energy issues"

Download file to see previous pages However, in the recent times, governments have concentrated on large-scale projects to produce electricity, while ignoring many opportunities to produce hydroelectricity in small scale. Of course, there are a number of advantages for producing hydroelectricity in large scale from the larger rivers. On the other hand, tapping hydroelectricity from the smaller rivers can also provide very many advantages and would also help in supplementing energy production. This has been seen to happen in the many developing countries, where governments may not have enough funds to start and complete large projects.
Almost any country has more small rivers than big rivers, and these small rivers can be used by local communities to produce energy for local use. This is unlike the traditional way in which large scale hydroelectricity is produced and then carried kilometers away from the point of production to users, who live so far from the source and may not even know how the electricity is produced. With the small scale hydroelectricity production, smaller rivers that are not seasonal can be used to produce energy for the local communities. This is especially possible and even economical for communities where the population is farming communities, which live in the countryside instead of the urban folk. The main advantage of this is that this kind of hydroelectricity is much cheaper and the local community can enjoy energy at much lower prices, probably as low as 30 percent, because they will produce the energy themselves rather than depending on a third party hydroelectricity producer. To be able to take advantage of this small scale hydroelectricity energy production, governments can try and make sure that the machinery used to harvest hydroelectricity are accessible in smaller capacities rather than the huge multibillion machinery, that is directed towards ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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How Might Wind or Water Power Become at Least Partial, But Significant Essay.
“How Might Wind or Water Power Become at Least Partial, But Significant Essay”, n.d.
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