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Placement of children and unborn child ( social work bachelor Australia) - Essay Example

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The most important consideration must be the safety and security of the children. The children must be taken to a place where they will enjoy utmost security…
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Placement of children and unborn child ( social work bachelor Australia)
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Extract of sample "Placement of children and unborn child ( social work bachelor Australia)"

PLACEMENT OF CHILDREN AND UNBORN CHILD By Placement of Children and Unborn Child The placement of Elly Jones’ two children Jake (9) and Anna (11) must be considered in light of multiple concerns. The most important consideration must be the safety and security of the children. The children must be taken to a place where they will enjoy utmost security without any form of abuse. As the situation is currently, they cannot be returned to Elly Jones, who still lives with her abusive partner. Similarly, Elly Jones has not shown any competence of character to take care of the unborn child. Accordingly, the child should be taken from her care after birth. Notably, Elly Jones has not demonstrated any change of character. There is a string possibility that she still drinks large amounts of alcohol with her partner. The incident that was reported by the neighbours is sufficient proof of a troubled household.
In usual cases, alcoholism and substance abuse are issues that keep relapsing if the victim stays in the same environment in which the habits flourish (Straussner & Fewell, 2011, p. 61). It might be difficult for the partners to change their habits particularly given the fact that there is no any interventionist program on the part of Elly Jones partner, which opens every possibility of continued abuse to the children. Another issue to be considered is the fact that Mary’s character stems from the effects of the sexual abuse that she suffered as a child at the hands of her father Bob. It might require more programs and effort to mend her psychologically in order to help her recover from the trauma, distrust and other negative aspects of personality that might have been occasioned by the childhood experience.
The two children and the unborn child must be brought up in an environment that would guarantee happiness, positive socialization and normal growth. The current unstable and disruptive state of their lives might cause serious psychological impairment on the part of the children. Information available shows that the children are already manifesting negative signs of abuse and disorientation. There is a serious need for debriefing. The only place that appears relatively safer for them is at their grandparents’ home. The grandparents have demonstrated sufficient responsibility and concern for the welfare of the children. It must be noted that the grandparents reported the abuse of the two children to the authorities.
Furthermore, Jake and Anna have also expressed a wish to stay with their grandparents. However, the only concern relates with the character of their grandfather and Elly Jones’ father who molested her while she was still young. A relapse of the same character may prove hazardous to the young children. However, there are ongoing remedial efforts and the old man has shown sufficient level of commitment to the reform efforts. Therefore, the placement of the children must be at their grandparents’ place. The authorities must develop a system where the children shall be monitored closely while in the care of the grandparents.
Other measures should include recommending a proper facility for handling Bob’s condition. The unborn child should be placed in the custody of a competent baby care institution until the point in time when the child can be integrated with the rest of the family. This measure would ensure the safety and happiness of the growing children. Studies have shown that children from abusive backgrounds tend to develop negative traits such as violence and anti-social behaviour if proper checks are not put in place (Daniel, Wassell & Gilligan, 2010; Courtney & Iwaniec, 2009). In the mean time, efforts should be done to mend Elly Jones social live and rescue her from her abusive partner so that she may get the chance to reunite with her children in future.
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