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Global warmming - Term Paper Example

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Environmental concerns continue to exacerbate across the globe due to the observed scenario in relation to global warming and climate change in general. Global warming refers to a persistent rise in the average global temperatures as a result of climate change (Roy 116)…
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Global warmming
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Download file to see previous pages The concerns surrounding global warming revolve around human activities in all productive sectors that are aimed at enhancing the livelihood of the people and the global economies. In the process, the environment has suffered immense damage, and the situation seems to worsen every single day. Dating back to the 19th Century when global warming debates began hitting global headlines, the magnitude and extent of global warming and climate change has persistently moved from bad to worse. The average global temperatures have kept rising, amid interests, campaigns and efforts to reduce climate change in order to contain global warming.
Contributing factors to the persistence of global warming are diverse and dynamic. This means that the already existing drivers of global warming continue to worsen the situation, as more emerging factors are realized in the same line. Global warming is seemingly the worst case factor in the climate change context.
Global warming and climate change in general is triggered by a number of factors, both existing and newly emerging. As a matter of fact, global warming did not start today, nor did it start few years ago. Global warming has become a realized outcome from a long-lived process, significantly dating back to the 19th Century. The causes of global warming vary from one country to another, but all these causes summed up influence global warming as a whole across the globe.
One of the most critical causes of global warming is the greenhouse effect (Filter & Ringward 32). Horticultural agriculture has essentially become a global undertaking due to the ever rising global demand for agricultural produce. Greenhouse effects have resulted in the depletion of the ozone layer, causing persistent increase in global average temperatures over time. Although the extent of greenhouse effects varies from one country to another, the effects are spread across the globe. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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