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Self-evaluation Global climate changes are manmade - Essay Example

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In this case, the premise that is used to support the conclusion are that Texas farmers have experienced extreme weather events, which resulted in…
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Self-evaluation Global climate changes are manmade
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Download file to see previous pages Therefore, this argument is not valid.
How I would make this argument valid would be to cite more broad-based examples of extreme weather pattern which are linked to human activities. In this case, the case of the Texas farmers who have experienced extreme weather events is too narrow of an example, because the extreme weather events experienced by the Texas farmers could be due to any number of causes(Crook, 1999). Presenting examples which are broader based, more tied to the issue of global warming, and are less likely to have any number of causes for these observed phenomenon, would be a better way of illustrating this point.
Conclusion #2 – that the industrial revolution influenced the world in significant ways. First of all, this conclusion is poorly written, because, as written, this conclusion does not support the overall argument of the paper, which is that human beings are responsible for internal and external changes in weather. A better way of writing this conclusion so that it is more supportive of the overall argument would be to write the following: “The emergence of the industrial revolution, in the 19th Century, accelerated the global warming process in different ways.”
As for the premises to support the conclusion – one of the premises is that the industrial activities, such as the burning of fossile fuel and coal, and the utilization of natural gas and oil, led to large emissions of toxic gases into the atmosphere. This particular premise is sound, because it links the activities in the industrial revolution directly with the conclusion that the industrial revolution contributes to greenhouse gases. However, the next argument, that the energy sector contributes to 20 percent of methane and 75 percent of carbon dioxide emissions, does not support the conclusion. The conclusion relates specifically to the industrial revolution, which is a specific period of time. The above ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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