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Presentation of a Research Article - Essay Example

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Within this context of understanding, there is the further recognition that the study considers there is a gap between the existence of obesity and treatment among medical professionals. In these regards, then one of…
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Presentation of a Research Article
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Extract of sample "Presentation of a Research Article"

Analysis The specific study considers post-traumatic stress disorder. Within this context of understanding, there is the further recognition that the study considers there is a gap between the existence of obesity and treatment among medical professionals. In these regards, then one of the major points in the article is the investigation of this gap and the contributing reasons as contingent on the perspectives of nurses and medical practitioners. There are then a number of further central points of consideration. In these regards, one of the prominent points was that nurses and doctors believed that their main purpose was to raise the issue of obesity, but that the responsibility for treating it is with the parents. Another major point in the article was that the doctors and nurses believed that because of time constraints, a lack of training, and ill-defined roles they were not able to aid children with obesity issues. Still a third major point was that the child and medical professional relationship could be compromised or jeopardized if the issue of obesity was raised, as they recognized the issue of obesity was a sensitive issue. The major point was that these individuals believed they were ill-equipped to deal with the issue as they believed simplifying informing the patient to engage in more diet and exercise would be ineffective. These cumulative perspectives formed the backbone of recognition and understanding within the study findings.
There are a number of further concerns. In terms of generalizability the study is a qualitative study and as such is generally considered as only being applicable to the set population group (Creswell 2003, p. 40). Still, Creswell (2003, p. 42) indicates that qualitative study designs may hold the same level of generalizability as external studies. This consideration indicates that this study could potentially be considered as indicate of broader ranging doctor and nurse perspectives on the nature of obesity treatment. In terms of validity, it seems apparent that the study followed the accepted guidelines for qualitative research. However, there is no way to determine if the study precisely recorded the interview respondents answers or conducted the interviews in a valid and unbiased way.
Ultimately, it seems that the study holds a great degree of worthiness. In these regards, the study identified a significant and pressing gap in research. Namely, medical professionals perspectives on treating obesity. As there are a variety of shortcomings in this treatment approach, the value of this study is further increased. In terms of the systematic consideration of this study topic there are a number of concerns. In these regards the study topic indicates that as there is a gap between obesity and treatment, further investigations could examine the potential that this study contributes to bridging that gap. In this mode of understanding the notion that the study could be expanded through funding, is ultimately a positive course of action. The main notion in these regards is that further studies could examine broader population groups to further enhance the generalizability. There is also the consideration that further studies could investigate actual methods of establishing training programs for the population group.
Creswell, J. W. (2003). Research design: Qualitative, quantitative, and mixed method approaches.
Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.
Walker. O. & Strong, M. (2007). A qualitative study of primary care clinicians views of treating
childhood obesity. BMC Family Practice, 8:50 Read More
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Presentation of a Research Article Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words - 1.
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