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UNIT 1 EXERCISE - Assignment Example

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I have a small in built library in my room where I study. The place not only keeps me alert while studying, it also keeps my books within reach.
I study most effectively when there is pin drop silence…
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Extract of sample "UNIT 1 EXERCISE"

Unit Exercise (School) Unit Exercise Answer My study area is a table with lots of reference books piled onto one corner. I have a small in built library in my room where I study. The place not only keeps me alert while studying, it also keeps my books within reach.
I study most effectively when there is pin drop silence in my room. Distractions like TV noise or people talking are not a good option. Besides that whispering is also pretty distracting. I do use libraries for study but I usually find a secluded corner with my books to study. While studying I switch off the phone, tell my friends not to come over and close the door to my room, so that I am not disturbed. Sometimes, when I have to study and write a paper I visit a nearby coffee shop to keep my mind from stressing out.
Answer 2
1. Discover the type of procrastination: There are four basic types of procrastination styles. Dreamers have big plans but they seldom work to translate them into specific plans, let alone realize the dream. Worriers focus on worst-case scenarios and move away from their objectives instead of focusing on the main idea. They are problem- oriented rather than solution finders. Defiers resist new tasks or may even take new tasks up but don’t follow them through till the end. The plans never materialize and are dropped half-way through. Overdoers create extra work for themselves and then run out of steam. This makes them drop their projects ultimately. Perfectionists don’t start projects for fear of making mistakes or failure.
Discovering individual styles makes one change behavior easily. Worriers need to focus on positives as well and keep focus of the project. Defiers need to take up new tasks and see them through the end. Perfectionists need to lower their standards and accept that mistakes will be a learning experience.
2. Trick the mind into starting a project: Believing and ranting that I will not start a book or a write-up or study can work as long as the mind believes it to be true in actuality. Once a task is started the momentum and interest of the task is enough to carry a person through the task to the end.
3. Think ahead: Procrastination can be put off if a calendar is maintained. Whether one is accustomed to work under pressure or not, maintaining a calendar always minimizes the last minute haphazardness.
Answer 3
I could use up the commuting time for study by making a CD of my notes and listening to them while I travel. I would also like less social commitments which will free up my time for study. This can be accomplished by partying twice a month, having in-house dinners and not inviting guests. Hanging a ‘no entry’ sign is also a good idea while studying at my table at home, which is most effective when people are visiting. Since Masters is a tougher routine, more time for each subject is required. Read More
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(UNIT 1 EXERCISE Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words)
UNIT 1 EXERCISE Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
“UNIT 1 EXERCISE Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words”, n.d.
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