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What the word success means to me - Essay Example

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Treading every day the path called life, a person is faced and defaced by different demands of this world. Every stride has its purpose. Every step leaves a mark.
At my earlier days, I have underrated the value of walking…
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What the word success means to me
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Extract of sample "What the word success means to me"

Meaning of Success Success is not a destination, it’s a journey (Ron). Treading every day the path called life, a person is faced and defaced by different demands of this world. Every stride has its purpose. Every step leaves a mark.
At my earlier days, I have underrated the value of walking. My lack of experience has directed me to the path where I thought of nothing but myself.  Everything seemed easy. The end did not need to justify the means as long as it was what my heart desired. I have been putting behind what should be done and giving in to what I felt like doing until responsibility of being a mother slapped me back to reality. Being a teenage mom, who have yet to finish high school, meant unemployment. Not completing high school can lead to a life full of hardships for both myself and my child; given that high school diploma is the usual requirement in any job, and usually it is the low-skill, low-compensation ones (Cooper 4).
It had been a struggle to joggle time, mind, and body between motherhood and teen hood. Though growing fast had been the consequence of my actions, I had opted to do the opposite. Taking things slow and learning to absorb every experience as if I had been reborn. This is one of the few hurdles I managed to be triumphed.
I have decided stop sauntering my way through life. It had dawned on me that the fun is not about the catching; instead, it is in the chasing that one feels to be the true meaning of success. I achieved one goal after another and have never failed to push myself further until I have gotten a degree in statistics. As my hands firmly grasped my diploma and the tiny hands of my child, I now take every step with a grin on my face, knowing I can conquer anything. I had conquered everything before.
My views in life are now clearer than ever. My steps begin to be more precise. Now I have goals in my mind that will commence my journey (and the journey of my child) to a better life. John Wooden once said:
“Success is peace of mind which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you did your best to become the best that you are capable of becoming” (Whelchel).
I have yet to arrive at my destination. And nothing can stop me in covering the distances; this is my personal definition of success.
The thrill of the chase, of not knowing what is going to happen next, the what-ifs, and the endless possibilities that come with it excite me, fuel me to go on and continue to improve my life. Once I realize I have achieved a goal, I immediately strive to set new heights to reach to get that same thrill over and over and over…
Others consider success as an upshot wrapped up in many costly things; however, I consider that success coincides with striving and vigorous efforts, that is, with meaningful living. The moment a person decides to open his or her eyes, breathe, and face another day of uncertainty, there is success there. Giving me a chance to make up for yesterday’s mishaps, to keep on learning, and to preserve what I hold dear – these things I push myself to do.
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